Leaks suggest that Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim will be announced in August

The Sony PlayStation 5 Slim rumors have been gaining traction as Sony’s upcoming PlayStation SKU. It has been rumored that this console is likely to release later this year.

A new leak from XboxEra’s @Shpeshal_Nick has brought out information about the rumored release of the PS5 Slim. According to Nick, Sony plans on announcing the PlayStation 5 Slim during Sony’s August PlayStation presentation.

Nick also suggested that Sony is trying to hold a second summer event and announce the PS5 Slim. This is to combat the launch of the Xbox console and ABK acquisition-related announcements.

Leaks regarding the PS5 Slim being a console with a detachable disc-drive add-on have been shared for a while now. The rumors seemed credible, given that slim versions have been released for all the previous PlayStations.

This was helped by a confidential document that was a part of Microsoft’s FTC case regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard that was subsequently leaked.

Leaks suggest that Sony's PlayStation 5 Slim will be announced in August
Part of the leaked confidential document that revealed Sony’s plans of releasing a PS5 Slim

The leaked document mentioned that Sony is “expected to release a PlayStation 5 Slim later this year at the same reduced price point.” The USD 399.99 price point mentioned refers to the less expensive Digital Edition of the PS5.

Since the PS5’s launch in 2020, little to no significant changes have been made to the performance of the PS5. This PS5 Slim would be a cosmetic change and a mid-generation upgrade.

It would not help Sony spur the PlayStation generation forward in the iterative manner they usually do. A September release window is probable for the PlayStation 5 Slim, priced at USD 399.99.

For those looking to get a PS5 soon, waiting until the announcement would be a wise choice since the specifications of the PS5 Slim are unknown.

However, it is known that the PS5 Slim will be a visual improvement, at least over its large and awkward wavy design. In the coming weeks, we will get definitive updates on the PS5 Slim and a potential release announcement.

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