Lawmen: Bass Reeves Is Not a Yellowstone Spinoff, Here’s Why

Creator Chad Feehan denies that his upcoming series, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, is a spin-off of the popular drama Yellowstone, despite rumors of it being one. Lawmen: Bass Reeves will premiere on Paramount+ on November 5.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves stars the Emmy-nominated David Oyelowo as the titular character. Reeves was the first Black U.S. Marshal in the West. Taylor Sheridan, who was also associated with Yellowstone, serves as an executive producer of the series.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Doesn’t Belong to Yellowstone Franchise
Yellowstone | Source: IMDb

Initially, Lawmen: Bass Reeves was designed to be a prequel to 1883. But now, it is no longer a part of the Yellowstone universe.

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner and creator Chad Feehan explains that Lawmen: Bass Reeves is no longer a spin-off of Yellowstone. He mentions that the events of the upcoming series precede the events of 1883, another series in the Yellowstone franchise.

Check out Chad Feehan’s comment below:

“[It was] an idea that we briefly talked about. But for me, once I learned some of the things I didn’t know about Bass’ life, and decided where we wanted to start the story and where we wanted to end the story, it preceded 1883. [The show] takes place from, roughly, 1862 to 1877.”

While at first Bass Reeves was discussed to be a part of the Yellowstone franchise, it is no longer a part due to creative reasons.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Doesn’t Belong to Yellowstone Franchise
Lawmen: Bass Reeves | Source: IMDb

Lawmen: Bass Reeves focuses on the real-life story of Bass Reeves, one of the biggest frontier heroes in the history of America. Reeves was a federal police officer who worked in the post-Reconstruction era. He is best known for arresting several notorious criminals in the Indian Territory without ever being wounded or hurt.

The series has been filmed in Texas and features actors like Donald Sutherland and Garrett Hedlund in special appearances. Many legendary actors such as Harry Lennix, Colman Domingo, and Delroy Lindo have portrayed Reeves’ character in the past. However, a miniseries focusing solely on him is being made for the first time.

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About Lawmen: Bass Reeves

Lawmen: Bass Reeves is an American Western television series created by Chad Feehan, who also serves as showrunner, and executive produced by Taylor Sheridan, Feehan, David C. Glasser, David Oyelowo, Jessica Oyelowo, David Permut, Christina Alexandra Voros, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari and David Hutkin.

It is based on the life of the first black Deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi River, Bass Reeves. The series premieres on Paramount+ on Sunday, November 5, 2023, with back-to-back episodes.


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