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Adorable New Visual of Kotaro Lives Alone Confirms Spring 2022 Release

If you have watched Home Alone and felt incredibly jealous of the over-smart kid, the upcoming Kotaro Lives Alone ONA is going to add salt to your burn.

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This chibi kid, Kotaro, lives in an apartment all by himself and is somehow more organized than all of his neighbors. (Try having adult responsibilities, kid.)

Now, imagine being an unsuccessful manga artist and living right beside this over-the-top kid. Shin Karino, the mangaka in question, has my sympathy.

Kotaro Lives Alone will grace us with its presence in spring 2022. Netflix will premiere the ONA.

A new visual has been revealed to highlight the main characters of the series:

Happy new year.

Thank you for your continued support of “#Kotaro lives alone” this year as well!

The first update of the new year will be from the announcement of the key visual! !!

This was pre-released at Big Comic Superior.

The four of you are on good terms! Kotaro looks fun too! !! # kotaro1_anime

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The visual shows Kotaro, Isamu Tamaru, Mizuki Akitomo and Shin Karino. It is visible how the other characters have become attached to this chibi boy. Isamu is having a dad smile on his face already.

Only Shin looks utterly bored and done with life, which is understandable, given how this toddler is overtaking him in life. Shin’s character design screams struggling mangaka.

Adorable New Visual of Kotaro Lives Alone Confirms Spring 2022 Release
Kotaro Lives Alone | Source: Crunchyroll

The small feats and adventures of the 4-year old will be interesting to watch as I drown in self-hatred. LIDEN FILMS has done a suitable animation, and the previously released trailer is proof of it.

Why does Kotaro live alone? Are his parents jerks or just super-rich, or both?

How did he learn to maintain himself so well? All these mysteries will be solved once we reach the second quarter of 2022. Till then, may the force be with Shin and his manga.

About Kotaro Lives Alone


Kotaro Lives Alone is a story about Kotaro Sato, a four-year-old who moves next door to Shin Karino, a failed mangaka in an apartment complex. Kotaro has no parents but somehow manages to earn an income and lives alone. Surprisingly, despite his age he has his life more put together than his adult counterparts.

Mami Tsumura launched the manga in Big Comic Superior in 2015. The series has reached over 1.4 million copies in circulation. It also won an Electronic Manga Award in 2018.

The series has a live-action adaptation with an upcoming anime adaptation in spring 2022.

Source: Official Twitter

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