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Konjiki No Wordmaster’s Illustrator Falls Prey To COVID-19

COVID-19 has heavily damaged the manga and anime industry already. Even after the strict handling of the pandemic in Japan, a manga illustrator has come down with the virus.

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Japan is currently going through its most severe wave of the pandemic, and another emergency has been declared. After hitting a record number of cases, Japan’s COVID success story has turned into shambles.

Shungo Sumaki, the illustrator of the Konjiki no Wordmaster light novel, has tested positive for the new Coronavirus disease.

Sumaki has also illustrated some other light novels such as Yūsha to Yūsha to Yūsha to Yūsha, Witch Mazurka, and Rental Full Moon.

[Sad news] New corona positive.

I met a person 3 times in 14 days before the onset, no reaction to cocoa, where I picked it up …

Shungo Sumaki

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He has also designed characters for games like Dungeon Travelers or Parascientific Escape.

Of course, every industry in the whole world has been adversely affected by the pandemic. However, the anime industry was never a very enriched one, and COVID-19 almost crippled it.

Mangakas and illustrators had trouble communicating, and manuscripts weren’t getting uploaded on time. The assistants of mangakas also had a hard time working.

Konjiki no Wordmaster’s Illustrator Falls Prey To COVID-19
Konjiki no Wordmaster | Source: Fandom

Anime were affected the worst; numerous anime were delayed from their release dates. Almost every recently released anime has experienced a delay in premiering. This has delayed future schedules as well.

Keeping in mind the instructions given by the government, it has been hard to continue with things. Some studios have also adapted to technology that allows people to work from a distance.

Japan declared another emergency this Friday as the worst wave of COVID-19 yet has hit the country.

The prime minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, has declared a one-month state of emergency in Tokyo and the three neighboring prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba.

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