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Kodansha USA Goes Digital in Collaboration With Coolmic!

Kodansha USA is the subsidiary of Kodansha, the biggest publishing company in Japan. Kodansha Comics and VERTICAL deal with the publishing of Japanese manga in the US and have published several well known Kodansha manga series in English.

Some of the best titles under Kodansha Comics include Fire Force, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail and Seven Deadly Sins.

Kodansha USA Goes Digital In Collaboration
Seven Deadly Sins | Source: Fandom

Coolmic is an official digital manga store that provides Japanese manga in English and also holds exclusive content of its own. Revenge on Trash Guys and Ghost-Hating Rebel & Horror-Loving Girl are some of its most popular content.

Kodansha USA announced through their official Twitter account that Kodansha will be partnering with Coolmic to bring Kodansha and VERTICAL mangas to fans.

The first wave of manga inclusion will have 88 Kodansha titles made available on Coolmic starting 3rd August.

Coolmic is a platform that was tailored for the comfort of smartphone users. It has a viewing profile, which makes it easier to read manga on phones. Fans who can’t get their hands on the physical copies of manga will find Coolmic a great help.

Coolmic provides digital manga service while not compromising the art style.

Mangas get regularly updated on the Coolmic website, and fresh and exciting titles are added frequently. It provides free chapters for fans to get to know a manga before committing to it. It keeps track of manga rankings and makes sure you only read what best suits your tastes.

Kodansha USA Goes Digital In Collaboration
Seven Deadly Sins | Source: Kondansha Comics

Kodansha has titles on every genre available, and some of them are famous worldwide and have even broken records.

Aside from the classic titles under the company, it publishes and licenses new content every year. It has also licensed new summer titles this June.

We hope that the Kodansha and Coolmic partnership brings new manga and faster updates to fans. Alvin Lu, the President, and CEO of Kodansha, assured fans that every fan will have something to look forward to in the initial additions to Coolmic, and new titles will be added to the online service regularly.

Source: Kodansha Comics tweet

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