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Kodansha Licenses 7 Fresh Manga for Digital Debut in March

Kodansha is a privately-owned publisher in Tokyo and is also the biggest publisher in Japan. From gory action manga to the cutest romances, the company licenses them all!

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With titles like Attack on Titan, Sailor-Moon, A Silent Voice, The Seven Deadly Sins, its list of award-winning manga doesn’t end. The company licenses new manga every season, and we are here with a list of its latest additions!

Kodansha will debut 7 new manga titles this March. Chasing After Aoi Koshiba will receive a print publication while all the titles will debut digitally.

As an avid manga reader, the announcement of new and upcoming titles is fascinating, so let’s look at them without any further delay!

1. Araki Won’t Be Tamed by Kapparappara: 2nd March

Plot: Yakko is the sister of a famous actress, Yuno, and she lives in her shadow. So when a renowned actor, Shigaraki, confesses to her, naturally, she believes that he just likes Yuno. However, Shigaraki has confessed once before as well and is adamant about it. He is prepared to be Yakko’s pet if that is what it takes to be around her.

2. Shaman King: Marcos by Hiroyuki Takei & Jet Kusamura: 9th March

Kodansha Licenses 7 Fresh Manga for Digital Debut in March
Shaman King | Source: IMDb

Plot: Another spinoff manga of the famous Shaman King series, it will focus on the journey to find Marco. The bright future for the X-Laws does not look too well. The story ties into the Flower of Maize Tournament arc.

3. Blue Lock by Muneyuki Kaneshiro & Yusuke Nomura: 16th March

Kodansha Licenses 7 Fresh Manga for Digital Debut in March
Blue Lock | Source: Fandom

4. The Dawn of the Witch by Tatsuo, Kakeru Kobashiri & Takashi Iwasaki: 23rd March

Plot: Cervil is a magic student with no memory of his past life. He meets a mysterious woman in an ally and embarks on a new journey. His teacher, Ross, another student, Holt, and a beastman Coudeau accompany him on his journey. However, the training that he undergoes is by no means average. What lies at the end of the trip?

5. Chasing After Aoi Koshiba by FLY, Takeoka Hazuki: 23rd March

Plot: Sahoko is a social butterfly, but if there is one person that she misses in her school reunion, then it is Aoi. Aoi was a popular basketball player who caught Sahoko’s fancy and soon it led to them kissing. Aoi is in a difficult situation, and she needs a true friend. Will Sahoko be the one who supports her and become something more than just a friend?

6. She’s My Night by Saisou: 30th March

Plot: Haruma Ichinose is a popular but narcissistic guy. However, he meets Yuki Mogami and realizes that she is even more popular than him. With her calm and collected manner, she is making Mogami go crazy for her. Can Haruma accept falling for someone who is even more dashing than himself?

7. Those Snow White Notes by Marimo Ragawa: 30th March

Plot: Setsu and Yuna’s lives may be completely different, but they both have dreams that they want to achieve. A chance meeting in Tokyo brings them together. Setsu’s creative spark had died along with his grandfather. He meets Yuna when he travels to Tokyo for a change of pace. Will the busy city of Tokyo become an important chapter in their lives?

About Kodansha Comics

Kodansha Ltd. is a Japanese privately-held publishing company headquartered in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan.

Kodansha is the largest Japanese publishing company, and it produces the manga magazines Nakayoshi, Afternoon, Evening, Weekly Shōnen Magazine and Weekly Bessatsu Magazine, as well as the more literary magazines Gunzō, Shūkan Gendai, and the Japanese dictionary Nihongo Daijiten.

Kodansha was founded by Seiji Noma in 1909, and members of his family continue as its owners either directly or through the Noma Cultural Foundation.

Source: Kodansha Press Release

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