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Kishimoto-sensei comments on Boruto’s next arc

In order to spice up things in the ongoing storyline, the upcoming arc in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is going to revolve around time travel. Boruto is going to meet a younger version of his father, the Seventh Hokage, accompanied by the main characters from Naruto. Set in a Konohagakure, this arc is aimed at milking the nostalgia out of every fan. With the release of this arc nearing, Masashi Kishimoto commented on the origin of the arc itself as well as some details about the characters involved.

“The anime staff keeps saying how interesting it would be if Boruto met up with a young Naruto. Both Naruto and Sasuke will appear with other characters who’ve not been seen in a while. Please take time to watch [the anime] during this festival!”

– Masashi Kishimoto

The cover page for the arc was shared on Twitter, along with the quote from Kishimoto. The cover shows the space-time gap between father and son, reaching out to each other. Differences like the number of Hokage heads can be clearly noticed in the panels. A fight between Boruto and young Naruto can be expected to break out as both father and son are shown as rowdy characters in their teens.

With the plot in the manga and anime still revolving around the battle against the chakra hungry Otstsuki Clan, the role of Urashiki and his formidable clan is unclear in this time travel arc. Regardless of their involvement, this arc will earn a lot of love thanks to the inclusion of Jiraya Sensei, one of the legendary Sanin. Nostalgia takes precedence again and other characters such as Asuma and Kabuto are expected to have some screen time.

About Naruto

In close-cut combat with the demon Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed Fox, Konohagaukre’s Fourth Hokage and his wife lose their life. To secure the safety of their beloved village, they seal the demon inside their son, Naruto Uzumaki, moments after his birth. Now Naruto must struggle to grow up in this hate-filled world which seems to despise him for no reason.

However, his never-ending desire to become the village’s next leader takes him down a long and arduous path filled with action, Ninjutsu, love and betrayal.

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