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Kinnikuman to Returns from COVID-19 Delay on June 29

Mangas often span over multiple volumes, with chapters continuing for ages. A comedy series, popularly known as KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops ran for almost 40 years before publishing its final volume in 2016.

Kinnikuman is also one such manga; it began its initial serialization in 1979 and ran till 1987. The authors picked up the manga from where they left off in 1987 and began publishing it as a free web manga from 2011.

Kinnikuman resumes serialization from 29th June
Kinnikuman | Source: TV Time-Wiki

Its latest serialization went on a hiatus from 20th April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The hiatus was slated to end in May, but got indefinitely postponed by the creator duo.

The authors had stated that the staff has to travel to the studio and produce the manga manually on pen and paper. Citing health precautions for themselves and their staff, the series went on a hiatus.

Great news followed soon. The mangaka duo Takashi Shimada and Yoshinori Nakai, known as Yudetamago, announced on their twitter page that the manga will return on 29th June.

The authors had initially announced the end of the hiatus with a link to Yahoo news.

“Kinnikuman” will resume serialization for the first time in two months next week. New corona affects writing work (Oricon) #キン肉マン#再開

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This tweet was followed by a video announcing the resumption of serialization on their YouTube channel, which was also tweeted by the author.

Kinnikuman Serialization Resumes

The video announced that the 313th episode would be redistributed. The 312th episodes and 311th episodes will be read as back numbers in “Weekly Pre-NEWS.”

The mangaka duo are also posting previous one-shot manga and other works for free during the times of the pandemic.

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About Kinnikuman

The original Kinnikuman wrestling manga ran from 1979 to 1987, until the duo decided to pick-up from where they left it and resumed the original manga as a free web manga in 2011.

The original manga has inspired many television Anime series and films like Kinnikuman, Kinnikuman Nisei – Second Generations, Takatae Ramenman, Ultimate Muscle, Ultimate Muscle 2.

Kinnikuman (a.k.a. Kinniku Suguru) is a cowardly, clumsy, moronic, gyuudon-devouring excuse for a superhero (or Choujin) who just happens to be the prince of an alien planet.

But despite his pathetic appearance, he is very honorable and can become quite powerful when he needs to be. With his sidekick Meat-kun and fellow Choujins Terryman and Ramenman there to help him, Suguru quests to become the greatest Choujin on the planet.

Whether with a combination of tremendous heart and stamina (The Burning Inner Strength) or the “Power of Friendship,” Kinnikuman frequently defeats Villians ten times more powerful than him and often causes his enemies to have a change of heart and join him.

Though he seems destined to be an idiot forever, slowly but surely, Kinnikuman becomes worthy of the title “Hero.”

Source: Twitter

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