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Kingdom Chapter 664: Release Date, Delay, Discussions

The Infantry Unit was already struggling in their battle, and now the mysterious appearance of Kyou Rei has further stirred up the war for the Hi Shin army.

She could either be an ally or an enemy in disguise, as she single handedly laid to waste over a hundred people in a sea of blood.

Shin is still unsure of the rumor as a lot of people claim to have seen Kyou Kai, but she has been on the bed for the past few days.

Will she prove to be a solution to infantry troubles or be an antagonist of this war against Qin? As fans anticipate an answer, we bring the updates on the next chapter of Kingdom.

1. Chapter 664 Discussion and Predictions

Probably the shadow that Kyou Kai saw in her dream was simply her sensing Rei coming as her kind can sense each other’s presence.

Now, she can either be the person to get Kyou Kai back on her feet by slaughtering Qin soldiers or may even do some ritual to help Kyou Kai.

Kingdom Chapter 664 Updates
Kyou Kai | Source: Fandom

Another possibility is Shin defeating the next Shiyuu, instead of Kyou Kai. Although Kyou Kai is still stronger than him, it could be an excellent way to display Shin’s growth in strength without overboarding it.

Maybe Rei would notice that aside from a Shiyuu Chi, there is also a Bushin inside Shin.

2. Kingdom Chapter 664 Release Date

Chapter 664 of the Kingdom manga, titled “A Sister’s Family”, has been released on Sunday, Dec 20, 2020.

I. Is Kingdom on Break This Week?

No, Kingdom Manga will follow the schedule and be released on the date mentioned above without delay.

3. Chapter 664 Raw Scans and Leaks

Kyoukai wakes up and as she leaves the tent, she is greeted by her younger sister Kyou Rei. Kyou Rei is here to lend her strength to Kyou Kai and offers to join HSU. She threatens to join Zhao and kill many of their army, if they disagree.

Kyou Rei is placed in Kyou Kai’s group for the time being and if she get along with others, then they would let her in the army. However, she left Kyou Kai’s group and joined Ryuyuu’s. She also broke the formation as she got tired of waiting around and pushed in to kill enemies.

4. Where to Read Kingdom

Despite being very popular, Kingdom remains a Japanese-only series, and there is no official English translation of the Kingdom manga. 

All the available English versions of the manga are fan translated, and we strongly recommend that you purchase the volumes instead of using pirated sites. 

Kingdom manga is available for purchase on Amazon. 

5. Kingdom Chapter 663 Recap

Gi Kou, the commander of HQ Intelligence and Messenger Unit for Hi Shin Unit, reaches the HQ with information on the allied army’s situation. Gyoku Hou is deep into Sanshin Forest and Gaku Ka is not falling far behind them.

Kingdom Chapter 664 Updates
Gi Kou | Source: Fandom

As Gi Kou was returning to rest up in the tent, he shares that he has heard a strange rumor about soldiers seeing something peculiar on the battlefield. Peculiar because they say it is commander Kyou Kai.

Shin and others are confused as she has been in bed for the past few days. On following the pattern that she appears on the battlefield, Shin does not feel good about it, as she is heading towards them.

On the battlefield, the Hi Shin unit was struggling once again when soldiers started hearing strange sounds of “Ton Tan Tan,” which is the chant Kyou Kai does. Suddenly, she jumps out of the bushes, gliding through the sea of blood; killing everyone in sight, and it is revealed that she is Kyou Rei, instead.

6. About Kingdom

Kingdom is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara.

The manga provides a fictionalised account of the Warring States period primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

In the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifying China for the first time in history.

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