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Kingdom Anime Gets Postponed this Week Due to Typhoon!

It seems like every anime is getting postponed left and right these days. This time it’s the anime Kingdom’s turn to bite the bullet.

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Due to telecast scheduling conflicts with Tokyo Olympics 2020, many anime series had faced delayed episodes these past two weeks. Although the Kingdom anime has had its delays, they managed to dodge the Olympic scheduling issues.

No matter how much we would have liked if things went smoothly this time, mother nature had different plans.

Kingdom Anime Gets Postponed This Week Due To Typhoon!
Kingdom | Source: Crunchyroll

Kingdom season 3, episode 17, titled “The Ultimate Instinctive,” will be delayed by a week because of a typhoon. The episode will be released on August 15, 2021.

[Notice of postponement of “#Kingdom” broadcast]

Kingdom, which was scheduled to be broadcast tonight, has been postponed due to typhoon news.

Episode 17 “The Ultimate Instinctive” will be broadcast from 24:10 on Sunday, 15th.

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Typhoon Mirinae touched down on Japan on August 8, 2021, due to which the broadcast has been delayed.

There seems to be one thing after another for Kingdom season 3. The season began early last year. After four episodes, the remainder of the season had to be delayed indefinitely, which later resumed in April 2021. 

Later, the Kingdom anime went on a two-week hiatus in July 2021 again. Although its reasons weren’t disclosed officially, it had something to do with production issues.

The latest episode covered Li Miu’s surprise attack to deceptively conquer Xianyang. Things were going in his favor until Lord Chanping got involved and anticipated Li Miu’s tactics and outclassed him.

Kingdom Anime Season 3 Episode 17 Delayed Due To Typhoon
Ri Boku | Source: Fandom

Despite Liu Miu’s Liudong flow, Lord Biao challenged him head-on, seemingly out of nowhere. 

We did not get to see the conclusion of this unexpected battle. Unfortunately, we have to wait yet another week to find out about Li Miu’s fate.

With all the odds against Li Miu, will he escape alive from this battle, or will he succumb to his arrogance?

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About Kingdom

Kingdom is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara.

The manga provides a fictionalised account of the Warring States period primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

In the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifying China for the first time in history.

Source: NHK Anime World Twitter

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