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Kickstarter Launched by eigoManga for First Squad Manga

Anime movies often inspire manga adaptations to detail the story better and capture what the movie couldn’t. We get to know more about the characters with backstories and more intriguing plots.

First Squad is a 2009 joint project directed by Yoshiharu Ashino between Japan’s Studio 4°C and Russia’s Molot Entertainment.

The film set during World War 2 gained a lot of popularity and has recently inspired a manga adaptation by Enka Sugihara.

EigoMANGA launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund Enka Sugihara’s manga adaptation of First Squad titled “First Squad – The Moment Of Truth” on Friday.

The campaign has a 3000 dollar goal that will help the publisher print and ship the release to retailers. The campaign also released a promotional video and samples for the upcoming manga adaptation.

Kickstarter Manga Launched by eigoManga.
First Squad Manga | Source: Kickstarter

The campaign has raised half of its goal at 1506 dollars with 23 backers and still has 25 days to go with it ending on August 2.

Funds raised in the campaign will be used to print, ship, and distribute the manga, make and ship the rewards promised to its backers and cover the Kickstarter fees.

Funds that are raised beyond the 3000 dollar goal will go towards the future publications of First Squad comics.

The campaign assures backers rewards, including physical and digital copies of the manga, a commemorative coin, a poster, stickers, bookmarks, and the name of the backer listed in the credits.

EigoMANGA announced the English release of the manga in March 2019 with an initial release of winter 2019. But the Kickstarter page for First Squad – The Moment Of Truth mentions an October 2020 release.

EigoMANGA describes the story for First Squad – The Moment Of Truth as:

“The story is set in the opening days of World War II on the Eastern Front and centers around a Soviet teenager who possesses supernatural abilities to commune with the dead.

Nadya has been recruited by the Red Army to fight the invading German army and is tasked to journey into the spiritual realm of the dead.

There Nadya must recruit her fallen comrades and form the First Squad in order to oppose the evil Baron Von Wolff, who is raised from the dead by the Nazis, and his occult army of 12th-century Crusaders.

The First Squad and Crusaders engage in a spiritual battle known as the “Moment of Truth.”

Whoever wins the supernatural battles within the spiritual realm dictate the outcome of physical battles waged between the Red Army and the Germans.”

Source: Kickstarter

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