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Katana Maidens: Tomoshibi OVA Releases Trailer and Theme Info

Katana Maidens is an anime that revolves around combat-trained shrine maidens. These shrine maidens are capable of wielding weapons and fighting against peculiar monsters called “Aradama.”

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Toji no Miko or Katana Maidens started as a manga. It was later adapted into an anime series by Crunchyroll and Studio Gokumi. The series has inspired other anime spinoffs, novels as well as games.

The Katana Maidens: Tomoshibi OVA is a two-part OVA. The first part will air on AT-X on 25th October. The second part will debut on 29th November on AT-X.

The official website of Katana Maidens has released a new promotional video for the upcoming OVA of the series.

OVA『刀使ノ巫女 刻みし一閃の燈火』第2弾PV
Katana Maidens: Tomoshibi

The trailer shows the shrine maidens holding a conversation with each other before taking their location for a fight.

We can see glimpses of all the protagonist maidens. A peek into their everyday lives is also shown.

Blurry Shadow is the theme song of the upcoming OVA. It will be performed by the cast who voices the six members of the Akabane Sword Research Team.

Since the anime is co-produced by Crunchyroll, the OVAs will have an “advanced premiere” on Crunchyroll.

It is animated by Studio project No. 9. The vast number of members from the game Katana Maidens: Mini Toji are reprising their roles in the OVA.

Katana Maidens: Tomoshibi Plot

A few months have passed since the Great Disaster of the year. An unidentified soul has been sensed in Enoshima by the Special Swords Management Bureau.

Katana Maidens: Tomoshibi OVA Releases Trailer
Katana Maidens | Source: Funimation

Our protagonists are sent to investigate the case. A new member by the name of Hirona Shonta joins the team as a supplementary member.

About Katana Maidens

Toji no Miko or Katana Maidens was a manga written and illustrated by Sakae Saito that was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shōnen Ace from October 26, 2017 – March 26, 2019, with three compiled volumes.

The manga received a 24 episode anime adaptation by Studio Gokumi that was directed by Kōdai Kakimoto.

Since ancient times an elite group of shrine maidens known as “Toji” who battle “Aratama,” strange and evil beings that are hell-bent on destroying humanity.

But now in the modern world, these warriors have been assigned to an exclusive police squad who are officially called Tokubetsu Saishi Kidoutai (Special Ritual Maneuver Team) to exterminate the Aratama.

The government has set up five elite schools across the country to provide young girls with the necessary sword-fighting skills to eradicate these monsters and eventually join their fellow Toji in protecting the world.

Source: Official website of Katana Maidens

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