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Kamiari No Kodomo Releases New Trailer And Unveils More Cast

When we were small, every little thing that we did used to become an adventure, and somewhere along those sparkly expeditions, children found their passion.

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But sometimes, the harsh realities of life come knocking at the door earlier than one can see through their passion till the end, putting their odyssey at a standstill.

Kanna is a primary school girl who finds her passion in running. But soon loses the will to run after the untimely death of her mother.

Following Kanna’s venture to chase her deceased mother, Child of Kamiari Month is set to tell the tale of a young girl who received the words from Ryujin, a flying golden dragon, in its theatrical release coming this Fall.

Cretica Universal is the studio working on the movie, Kamiari no Kodomo, and has released a new trailer unveiling more cast and the theme song for the film.

Finally arrived # 1st trailer 🙌✨

#Additional cast from the cast

The role of Ryujin #Wataru Takagi 🐲 Ebisu role # Chafurin 🎣

Miki role # Riko Nagase 🧒🏻 lifted ✨

With respect as before Gods are #voice actors People are #actors 🎙

It’s a match for all offers 🤝⛩✨

Delivered on # miwa’s theme song “KANNA-” 🌈🎼🎞✨

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The minute-long trailer delivers a preview of the theme song “KANNA” sung by miwa and provides the audience with a glimpse of the situation, and the environment in and around the movie.

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The trailer also introduces the companions and their voice actors, which will be aiding Kanna on her adventure to visit Izumo Shrine.

The trailer also gave a peak of Kanna’s mother, Yayoi, but her voice actor is yet to be announced. The cast revealed thus far is as follows:

CharacterCastOther Works
KannaAju MakitaMa-chan (Hoshi no Ko)
ShiroMaaya SakamotoShinobu (Monogatari Series)
YatoMiyu IrinoIshida Shouya (Koe no Katachi)
Miki (Kanna’s classmate)Riko NagaseKosugi Eiko (Shichinin no Hisho)
Kotoshironushi (God of Izumo)ChafurinMegure (Detective Conan)
RyujinWataru TakagiTobi (Naruto)
Kamiari no Kodomo Releases New Trailer and Unveils More Cast
Child of Kamiari Month | Source: Crunchyroll

The movie closely resembles many Ghibli movies’ theme and has the charm of Hiroyuki Okiura and Makoto Shinkai movies.

From the trailer, we can see that the will of the gods has something different in stock for Kanna, as shortly after her mother’s death, she leaves to start a new adventure with an oni boy and a one-winged rabbit to visit a shrine.

What is this new adventure? Will it rekindle her desire for running?

If you like movies with light tone animation movies packed with creative ideas and some deep message hidden among the superficial plot, then Kamiari no Kodomo can be the right pick for you to enjoy this fall.

About Child of Kamiari Month

Child of Kamiari Month is an original anime film produced by Cretica Universal and is financed via a crowdfunding campaign launched in March 2019.

The movie’s protagonist Kanna loses her will to continue her love of running after the passing of her mother. By the will of the gods, Kanna heads to a shrine in Izumo.

This visit to the shrine will start a new adventure for her involving, Yato an oni boy and Shiro a one-winged rabbit.

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