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Kaiju Fans Rejoice as Giant Tortoise Killing Manga Publishes on Manga-One!

Giant Tortoise Killing might seem at first a simple manga about killing a giant tortoise, but soon you’ll realize that it has much more.

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The short story features everything from giant monsters, a.k.a Kaiju destroying a city, to the heartbreak of losing a loved one. The manga dances through its action sequences while flavoring the brief moments of character interactions with depth. 

And if you are into discovering niche manga series, then this just might tick your curiosity. 

Nan Nanga, the author of Giant Tortoise Killing, announced that the manga series would be debuting on the Manga One app through his Twitter handle.

My work “GIANT TORTOISE KILLING,” which won the grand prize at the newcomer comic grand prize at Manga One, today was posted!

Please read it as it is finished in a cool thumbnail. Thank you.

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Nan Nanga also won the Rookie Comic Award at the age of 22 under the youth category through Giant Tortoise Killing. 

Additionally, he has made his manga available for free as well! 

After painstakingly using google translate to understand the story panel by panel, here is what I got. The story follows Makoto, a high school girl who sets off to kill a giant tortoise after the kaiju destroys her home and kills her family. 

Though the story revolves around Makoto, her friend Nana* is the soul of the narrative. After the kaiju destroyed Nana’s home when she was a kid, she has faced adversity and contempt from others. 

However, after interacting with Makoto, she too adopted the hero’s headstrong behavior and sailed through. 

*The names might not be accurate

The manga has excellent art to go with the story with high skyscrapers to the kaiju itself. It might be hard to believe that a rookie manga artist produced this level of quality. 

Giant Tortoise Killing is an excellent read for just anyone who has five minutes on their hand since it’s available for free. Although, if you want to support the artist, you can just head over to the manga one app

I am sure the series will be a newfound treasure for all the manga fans.

Source: Twitter

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