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Kadokawa Raises the Stakes with New Poker Series High Card Anime And Manga

New gambling anime High Card is here to quench the thirst of all the fans of Kakegurui.

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The project is a multi-studio franchise set to ride on the waves made by the top-rated Kakegurui franchise. Much like how the Kakegurui spawned several anime and live adaptations and a novel, High Card is betting on the same.

With a backing that not many anime franchises get, fans of the gambling genre are excited. Moreover, some mystery shroud over High Card is also lifted.

High Card’s official website announced that TMS Entertainment, Kadokawa, and Sammy Corporation would produce series’ anime, manga, and novels. 

Additionally, the creator of Kakegurui Homura Kawamoto and the author of Kakegurui Novel Hikaru Muno will also work on the High Card project. Moreover, a visual for High Card was also released designed by illustrator Ebi. 

“HIGH CARD” media mix project started! Original: TMS x Homura Kawamoto x Hikaru Takeno Character design: Ebi mo

The main visual is released! We will introduce the works from time to time, so please look forward to it! card#ハイカード

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From the top, the visuals give a glimpse that High Card’s all about the casinos and risks, with an art style that captures the feel of pachinko and slot machines.

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Throughout the poster, there are several easter eggs to prominent gambling games.

The logo of the High Card itself is two mirrored spade symbols. As for the gamblers themselves, there seem to be three main characters dressed in Blue, red and yellow. Lastly, in the background, there are two more mysterious characters.

The title high card itself refers to a combination of five poker cards that play no role, the so-called no pair. The five characters on the poster seemingly constitute this “no pair.”

Many giants in the anime industry, including Kadokawa, are backing the project, which means there is high hope that the anime and related media will be top-class.

Additionally, with mangaka Homura Kawamoto helming the project, Kakegurui fans can’t keep still.

Original: Comments arrived from Homura Kawamoto!

“HIGH CARD” is a story about their activities. If you come with a pin, please take a look. If you didn’t come, please wait for the follow-up report, and I think it will come soon, so please have a look.

#high card#ハイカード

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It is high time for being a gambling addict. I mean, gambling otaku, with new and exciting shows coming up, there is no time to sit still.

However, the project’s launch date is still undecided, so it might be a perfect time for fans to catch up with Kakegurui and other anime.

Will the bet on High Card float or sink? With such an expansive plan laid out, even if one card fails to fall into place, the gambling companies are set to lose the whole hand. 

We will be here to let you know when further updates are disclosed. 

Source: High Card Official Website

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