Joker 2 In Early Development, Will Be Set Years After The First

The latest Todd Philips’ Joker movie has changed the direction of the whole DC movie universe, and it is continuing to affect the future of DC movies in a substantial way.

Joker became a bigger hit than anyone expected and so far global collections are at $750 million and counting. Despite Warner Bros’ comment on the possibility of the sequel, it looks like Joker is getting a follow-up.

Sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who brought us previous confirmed scoops such as Black Mask’s homosexuality in Birds of Prey, Viola Davis’ return to Suicide Squad and Mahershala Ali playing Jim Gordon before he had to drop out – have informed us that a sequel to Joker is in the early stages of development over at Warner Brothers, with the studio fully intending to continue Arthur Fleck’s path to infamy.

According to the sources, the movie will be set several years after the events of the original film and explore the rise of Arthur Fleck’s Joker in Gotham. 

During the release of the original movie, Todd Philips received complaints about the lack of source material in the film and the fact that it was set in an isolated place within the DC universe. Phillips’ plan for the character was utterly original. Like focusing around a disturbed man who becomes absorbed and illuminated by the chaos around him, rather than directly presenting the Clown Prince of Crime persona that Batman fans are familiar with. A lot of those concerns are likely to be extinguished by Joker 2 apparently.

Of course, fans have to wait for the movie which is still in the early development stages. There will be many changes in the future and we may see Joker teaming up with other Batman villains in his own universe.


Anmol Madaan

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