John Wick Movies Recap for all those waiting for JW 4

John Wick transformed the action scene of the film world. It is considered a classic of the genre and is one of the greatest action movies ever made.

I had watched a few scenes of the movie before I watched it as a whole, and I immediately knew it was special. In that second, I had switched over the tab and opened up the whole movie, not wanting a single second of that movie to be further spoiled for me by the collection of best scenes I had been watching.

It was a Keanu Reeves show through and through, a character that best suited him and perfect action. When I read about how the movie was almost canceled due to unreliable producers and how it was underestimated, I could not believe my eyes. With John Wick: Chapter Four releasing soon, I am super excited.

So all those out there who want a recap of the plots of the previous three movies of the franchise while in anticipation for JW4, you have come to the absolute right place. Let’s dive right into the films that are must-watches.

John Wick, a retired assassin, is pulled back into the world of crime to avenge his late wife’s parting gift in the first movie. The second movie revolves around him fulfilling his marker to the Italian Cammora, while the third has him battling the High Table to stay alive.

John Wick Recap

John Wick Movies Recap for all those waiting for JW 4
Keanu Reeves as John Wick

John Wick is a retired hitman grieving his wife’s death. Her parting gift, a beagle, is, however, killed by the son of the Russian mafia boss. Wick embarks on a mission to avenge its death and goes against his ex-employer in a thrilling action film.

John’s wife passes away from a terminal illness at the start of the film and has left a beagle for him to help him cope with his loss. He connects with a dog, and during his drive at night, at the gas station, he encounters the Russian mafia who demand his vintage Mustang.

He tells them it is not for sale and refuses to part with it. This angers the mafia trio, who follow him and steals the car from his home, killing Daisy, the beagle, mercilessly and beating him unconscious. The leader, Iosef, takes the car to a chop shop, whose owner, Aurelio, recognizes it.

Learning of Iosef’s actions, Viggo, the Russian mafia boss, beats his son up and reveals that Wick was an assassin working for them before, known as the fearsome and infamous ‘Baba Yaga.’ Wick successfully left the organization after completing an “impossible task” that Viggo had set for him, to be with Helen, his love.

Viggo tries to reason with John not to retaliate. However, the latter refuses. Viggo sends assassins after him in vain and arranges for his mentor, Marcus, to kill him. John seeks refuge at the Continental, a neutral place. Viggo puts a heavy bounty on his head.

From the Continetal’s owner, Winston, John is informed of Iosef’s location, but Iosef is able to escape. Ms. Perkins, an ex-fellow assassin, tries to kill John at the hotel, but he is alerted by Marcus and is able to get the location of Viggo’s front from her. He destroys Viggo’s stash of money and gear and is confronted by Viggo.

Viggo is able to capture John, and Marcus helps him get free. Viggo is forced to reveal Iosef’s location, and Iosef is killed there. Viggo tries to get revenge through Ms. Perkins, but she is executed for violating the Continental’s rules.

Winston informs John about Viggo’s escape plans, and John arrives there on the brink of time. In a brutal brawl, Viggo is killed, and John is stabbed in the stomach. He goes to an animal clinic to fix himself and saves a pitbull scheduled to be euthanized. He walks with the puppy along the same waterfront he used to walk with Helen.

John Wick: Chapter 2 Recap

John Wick Movies Recap for all those waiting for JW 4
John Wick

JW 2 sees John’s past catching up with him again, and he has to fulfill his marker now. On completion of the favor, the Italian Camorra turns against him, and he has to fight for his life. In the end, he is declared excommunicado for killing within the Continental.

The movie begins four days after the events of the first movie and sees John Wick retrieving his Mustang from a chop shop owned by Viggo’s brother. In a fight with the latter’s henchmen, his Mustang is heavily damaged, but John spares the latter in return for peace.

John is visited by Italian mafia boss Santino, who he had asked for help to complete his “impossible task.” Thus John was in a marker, an unbreakable promise, with Santino in return. However, he refuses the favor Santino asks of him, citing that he is retired.

In retaliation, Santino destroys his home, and John goes to the Continental with his pet puppy. Winston reminds him that he cannot deny his marker according to the rules of the Underworlds, and thus John accepts the task of killing Santino’s sister Gianna.

Gianna takes her own life when she realizes she will die, and John shoots her to fulfill his marker. Cassian, her bodyguard, attacks him. Santino’s henchmen attack him as Santino wants to “tie up all loose ends.” He defeats them. Santino puts up a bounty in John’s name.

Injured in numerous fights, John seeks help from an Underground boss, Bowery King. He is able to reach Santino, but he escapes to the Continental. John kills him there. Winston tells him that due to his actions, he will now be an excommunicado from the Continental, and gives him a head start. The former also tells him the bounty on his head has doubled and gives him a marker.

Wick is seen on the run with his dog.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Recap

John Wick Movies Recap for all those waiting for JW 4
John Wick

John is excommunicado now and is attacked by several crime groups. He utilizes his past connections to meet with the ‘Elder’ and seeks the safety of his life. However, he is shot by Winston but secretly saved by a duo who plans to oppose the High Table.

John Wick is declared excommunicado for killing crime-lord Santino in the NY Continental. He gives his dog to the concierge at the hotel to take care of it. The bounty on his head and his status at the High Table cause several assassins to come for him.

John demands safe passage to Casablanca from the Director, head of Ruska Roma crime syndicate, using his rosary. An Adjudicator from the High Table meets with Winston and the Bowery King, ordering them to resign for the crime of helping John. The Director is also ordered to be punished for helping him.

John meets a former friend Sofia and gives her his marker medallion asking to meet the “Elder”-the highest person in the Underworld. Her boss clues him on the Elder’s location and asks for one of her dogs in return. She refuses, and they escape to the desert, where she leaves him.

After seven days, Winston and the Bowery King are punished for not surrendering their positions. John collapses in the desert and is brought to the Elder, whom he requests for his life to keep the memory of his wife alive. John is tasked with killing Winston and remaining loyal to the High Table in return.

At the NY Continental, Winston refuses to resign his post, and the Adjudicator orders her assassin, Zero, to kill him and John. Winston and John are attacked by Zero and leave him to die by the end of the battle. After a conversation with the Adjudicator, Winston offers loyalty to the High Table and shoots John.

John falls off the building roof to the street below. He is secretly rescued by Tick Tock Man and Bowery King, who jointly decide to overthrow the High Table.

And that is a wrap on the recap of the three movies of John Wick. JW 4 is expected to release on March 23, 2023, and let us keep our fingers crossed for one more great film!

About John Wick : Chapter 4

John Wick 4 is an American neo-noir action thriller film and the fourth installment in the John Wick franchise. The franchise is created by Derek Kolstad and stars Keanu Reeves in the role of a retired legendary hitman John Wick.

John Wick must avoid run-ins with The High Table and survive long enough to complete his mission, along with the help of The Bowery King, who was left for dead by The High Table and now is helping John Wick take them down.

John Wick 4 released on March 24, 2023.

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