John Cena’s Popularity Placed Him at the Top Whether Sunshine or Rain

A jack of several trades is said to be the master of none. However, John Cena almost throws that proverb out the window. Cena is an all-rounder: a champion wrestler, a wonderful actor, and a talented rapper.

He is widely considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. His time in WWE (which is still ongoing) is as popular as the wrestler-turned-actor’s trysts with the camera. He is regarded as the representative of WWE by many and was the face of the Ruthless Aggression Era and PG Era.

Despite the fame John Cena holds as a wrestler, there was a time when he faced opposition for his constant wins. Yet, he was constantly kept at the top by WWE. Triple H commented on the matter in 2015, blaming his popularity for this move by WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon.

1. WWE favored John Cena

John Cena's Popularity Booked Him at the Top Whether Sunshine or Rain
John Cena in WWE Raw

John Cena dominated WWE for the vast majority of his in-ring career. His wrestling career began with the Ruthless Aggression Era, and he was the champion when the PG Era began. Vince McMahon, booking him the way he did, factored into making him the global sensation he is today.

Even today, several consider WWE synonymous with John Cena. Cena is the person who comes to everyone’s mind upon hearing the term ‘WWE.’

During his tenure as an in-ring wrestler, he headlined numerous shows, held belts for longer than anyone ever had, and defeated opponents almost every time.

Eventually, there came a time when the audience began to get bored of his constant wins and seeing him everywhere. And the boos started.

“People will say all the time about Cena like, I read that all the time, ‘don’t we listen?’ People are tired of seeing him, they don’t want to see him win, they don’t want to see this,” said Triple H.

2. Why was John Cena booked the way he was in WWE?

John Cena's Popularity Booked Him at the Top Whether Sunshine or Rain
John Cena was a family-friendly face of the WWE

In an interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2015, Triple H gave us an insight into John Cena’s constant wins and domination at WWE during the latter’s in-ring career. He claimed that Cena was booked the way he was because of his popularity among the audience, even when a part of them booed him.

Cena was immensely popular at the WWE (and is even now). The audience’s love and support for him was proof of his hard work and talent. The wrestler also returned their love, and it was a two-way bridge.

Thus, no one was surprised when Cena could sell more merchandise than anyone else. WWE viewership also jumped high due to his presence. However, constant victories made the show predictable, and Cena started earning dislike from the audience.

John Cena's Popularity Booked Him at the Top Whether Sunshine or Rain
John Cena during a WWE program

And when Vince McMahon still stuck onto him, it raised the question of ‘why?’ in several minds.

During the Broken Skulls Sessions interview, Paul Levesque, better known by his ring-name Triple H, said, “There’s such a long period of time where half the people were booing John and half the people were cheering for him, but he was packing arenas, he sold more merchandise, he was more popular than ever. Everything that we did, John was so far ahead.”

Well, it is true; if a wrestler is pulling in much of the audience and rocketing up sales, it is always a safe option in business to keep him right in the front. And this is exactly what Vince McMahon did. The audience turned up to boo him, but the fact was that they turned up.

Triple H’s reveals are just another reminder that everything is not as it seems in WWE. Scripts play a significant role in influencing wins and successes.

A special "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast with guest Triple H - February 2, 2015 on WWE Network
A special “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast with guest Triple H – February 2, 2015 on WWE Network

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3. About WWE

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