Joel Mchale Reveals Filming date for the Community Movie

After years of making the fans wait, Joel McHale has finally revealed that they will start filming the movie sooner than expected.

The NBC sitcom has been a classic since time immemorial and features an unusual group of junior college students as they navigate their lives at Colorado community college.

Created by Dan Harmon, Community’s fan following increased exponentially over the years, and they coined the phrase ‘six seasons and a movie’. This means that after six long seasons, the fans expect the franchise to have one movie at least before calling it a day.

The prayers were answered by Dan Harmon last year when he announced that the movie will indeed be a part of reality very soon. This was followed by a very long radio silence until Joel McHale recently declared that the filming would begin very soon.

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kemmel Live!, Joel was asked about the filming of the Community movie. The actor, who is very popular among the fans for playing the role of the banished attorney Jeff Winger assured the fans that the development is in full swing and the filming will begin quicker than expected. He even revealed that the start window of the filming would be this year’s June.

Check out the full interview below:

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McHale’s statement may come as a shock to some fans, given that Harmon said that he was still working on the script in November. The extended time was mainly because Harmon was struggling to come up with a proper script that would bring the Greendale study group together after such a long time.

However, McHale’s enthusiasm gives us reason to believe that the filming will indeed start in June 2023. If that happens, we could see the movie pop up in our Peacock TV recommendations in as early as 2024.

Plot details have not been released to the public as of now, but Harmon has said some things about what not to expect from the movie. Two fan-favorite moments like Paintball and Dungeons & Dragons will play no role in the movie.

Given that Paintball and Dungeons & Dragons have done very little in terms of plot progression, some have found it rather logical for Harmon to remove them from the film.

Joel Mchale Reveals The Start Of Filming For The Community Movie
The Greendale Study Group Playing Paintball

Talking about casting, most of it will be the same as the canon series. Some very significant absentees include Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Grover. However, Harmon is hell-bent on bringing Grover back and has also said that he can’t envisage a Community creative without Grover.

Also, Keith David and Paget Brewster are expected to reprise their fan-favorite season 6 roles of Frenkie Dart and Elroy Patashnik.

While the fans wait for the movie to pop up in their recommendations, they can always rewatch the previous seasons of the series available for streaming on Hulu and Netflix.

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About Community: The Movie

The Community Movie is an upcoming comedy movie and a spin-off of NBC’s 2009 sitcom, Community. The film will premiere exclusively on Peacock. No release date has been confirmed yet. Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, is set to write the film alongside Andrew Guest. 

Several regular cast members from the original series are set to star in the film, including Joel McHale as Jeff Winger, Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry, Alison Brie as Annie Edison, Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir, Jim Rash as Craig Pelton and Ken Jeong as Ben Chang. 

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