Shrinking Trailer by Ted Lasso Writers Features Segel & Ford

The new trailer for Apple TV+’s new comedy series, Shrinking is out now. The series is written by the writers of Ted Lasso and features Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in significant roles. Shrinking will release in Apple TV+ on January 27, 2023.

The series follows a grieving therapist (Jason Segel) who breaches medical ethics and starts being brutally honest with all his patients. His comments begin affecting his patients’ lives while he faces radical changes in his own life.

It will consist of ten episodes. The first two episodes will premiere on Apple TV+ on January 27, after which the next episodes will be released weekly on the platform. Check out the teaser below –

Shrinking — Official Teaser | Apple TV+

The first trailer for Shrinking introduces all the key characters. However, the teaser trailer keeps the story details under wraps. Apart from Segel, the series features an ensemble supporting cast comprising Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, Christa Miller, Luke Tennie, Michael Urie, and Lukita Maxwell.

The show was created by Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence, the writer-duo who were behind Ted Lasso. Jason Segel, best known for playing the iconic Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother, is also a part of the writing team.

Shrinking Trailer from Ted Lasso Writers Features Segel & Ford
Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence

If Apple TV+ plays their cards well, they will have another major hit sitcom in their hands, following the success of Ted Lasso. The series is all set to be anchored by actors like Jason Segel and Harrison Ford.

Ford is known for playing iconic characters such as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, so it will be exciting to see how he deals with his first major role in television. Jason Segel has enough experience in starring in various comedy series or sitcoms over the years.

Segel starred in sitcoms such as Freaks and Geeks and How I Met Your Mother, one of the most loved sitcoms of all time. His resume also includes hit comedy films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up.

Thus, Ford and Segel coming on board together for Shrinking guarantees that the series is being dealt with passion and commitment. Fans can already enjoy a sneak peek of their dynamic in the teaser above.

Shrinking Trailer from Ted Lasso Writers Features Segel & Ford
Harrison Ford and Jason Segel

Apart from the cast, Shrinking is also supported by some award-winning writers. The Lawrence and Goldstein duo from Ted Lasso are writers of the series, which makes it even more exciting for Ted Lasso fans. While we’re all waiting for Ted Lasso season 3, Shrinking might give us some comic relief.

Ted Lasso landed 40 Emmy nominations and won 11 of them. Considering the stellar cast and crew associated with Shrinking, it might just become the next Apple TV+ series to sweep in all the awards.

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About Shrinking

Shrinking is a comedy television series created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel for Apple TV+.

The plot revolves around a therapist dealing with severe grief who begins to breach ethical barriers by telling his patients what he completely thinks, resulting in massive changes to his and their lives.

The series stars Jason Segel, Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, and Christa Miller, among others. The series has been renewed for season 2.

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