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Masaaki Yuasa Masterpiece Japan Sinks: 2020 Bags Jury Award at Annecy 2021

No matter how beautiful Japan is, it is still highly prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. Japan Sinks: 2020 anime, the brainchild of Masaaki Yuasa, accurately represents them.

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The anime shows a regular family trying to survive the aftermath of a disastrous earthquake that struck Japan. It is a devastatingly beautiful show which will leave you in tears.

The tragically breathtaking drama Japan Sinks: 2020 received the Jury Award for TV series for its First Episode at the Annecy International Film Festival.

The first episode of the show is titled ‘The Beginning of the End,’ which accurately describes the plot. It is based around the Mutoh family, whose members were at different places all over the city at the time of the catastrophe.

A lost and scared Ayumu Mutoh desperately tried to find her family just as the destruction struck. She is slowly and steadily reunited with all of her family members at a temple atop a hill.

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“Japan Sinks 2020”

Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021

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When you keep watching the anime you will realize that the first few episodes are actually the best moments, since pain and tragedy follows soon after. 

Masaaki Yuasa Masterpiece Japan Sinks: 2020 Bags Jury Award at Annecy 2021
Japan Sinks: 2020 | Source: Crunchyroll

The show is so widely acclaimed that it went on to receive an anime film as well. It is a theatrical release showing the events that took place in a movie format.

Japan Sinks: 2020 is an impressive anime and deserves all the praise and hype. It is one of the few shows which accurately show the aftermath of a disaster and not its romanticized version.

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About Japan Sinks

Japan Sinks or Nihon Chinbotsu is a disaster novel written by Sakyo Komatsu; he worked on it for nine years. It was adapted as a television show in 1975, a remake in 2006, and now an ONA (original net animation) in 2020 by Netflix.

The anime focuses on the events of a major earthquake that hits Japan shortly after the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Ayumu and Gou, siblings of the Mutoh household, begin to run with their parents far away from the unexpected chaos.

In the face of this dreadful reality, the Mutoh family tries to understand things, stick together, support, and care for each other in these disastrous times.

Source: Annecy Film Festival Official Twitter

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