James Gunn Reveals Chapter 1 of his DCU Plan: Gods & Monsters

The wait is finally over! Co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn has finally unveiled the first chapter of his elaborate plan regarding the DC Universe.

Following the merger of Warner Bros. with Discovery, things have been quite rough for the DCU. When James Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed as CEOs of DC Studios in November 2022, they announced that they had a proper ten-year-long plan in mind that would bring about major changes in the DC Universe.

In the last few months, Gunn has been dropping hints about the future DC projects he has in store for us, including making some major decisions, such as not casting Henry Cavill in the role of Superman. While I agree it was quite a bold decision, I’ve always had faith in Gunn especially after his work with the GOTG franchise in the MCU.

As of today, James Gunn and Peter Safran have finally unveiled the first chapter of their elaborate ten-year plan with the DCU. The first chapter, titled “Gods and Monsters” consists of ten movies and shows which will be interconnected.

These interconnected projects will begin in 2025 and kickstart Phase 1 of the new and revamped DCU. Gunn’s goal is to release two DC movies and two HBO Max shows every year. Going by this estimate, Phase 1 can be wrapped up within 2-3 years.

If you’re as excited about the new era of the DCU as we are, we recommend you continue reading. Here’s everything we know as of now about Gunn’s labor of love!

DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters – Movie Edition

Gunn’s plan includes five movies that he plans to release starting in 2025. While some major DC characters remain missing from his plan, there are quite a few exciting projects in development in DC Studios, and yes, it includes Superman and Batman!

James Gunn Reveals Chapter 1 of his DCU Plan: Gods & Monsters

I. Superman: Legacy

Let’s begin with the most-awaited announcement – the return of Superman. If you’ve been losing your night’s sleep about Henry Cavill’s supposed departure, it’s time to chill because James Gunn himself is writing the script for this upcoming DCU project. Safran is also hopeful that he will be directing the film.

Superman: Legacy will focus on Clark Kent’s struggle to balance his life as a superhero and as a human. The story will portray Superman as a kind, compassionate hero and establish the power of kindness in a world that considers such values as traditional. Moreover, it will not be an origin story. The movie is set to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

As expected, we do not know anything about the cast yet but let’s trust Gunn to bring in the perfect person to play our beloved Superman on screen.

II. The Authority

The Authority is another project which is in the safe hands of James Gunn himself. It will revolve around the characters of Wildstorm. The film will focus on the theme of antiheroes who have had good intentions throughout but were forced to take extreme steps due to our broken world.

If you’ve been following DC characters even for a bit, you know this is the trope DC has always nailed, the prime example of it being Joker himself. The live-action film will bring Wildstorm characters into the DCU for the first time.

III. The Brave and the Bold

Batman is back! The Brave and the Bold will be a story of Batman and Robin. We’re not sure who will play Batman in the film, but it will not be Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck. The film will be based on Grant Morrison’s Batman run and see Bruce Wayne discovering his son, Damian Wayne.

James Gunn Reveals Chapter 1 of his DCU Plan: Gods & Monsters
Batman and Robin

The movie will follow Bruce raising his son Damian under his wing, while featuring other members of the Bat-family as well. DC Studios is yet to reveal who will be playing these roles.

IV. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

If Man of Steel is getting a project of his own, why not the Woman of Steel?

While Superman was raised by kind parents on Earth, Supergirl grew up on a broken piece of Krypton. The film will explore the ups and downs of her life and how she dealt with the tragic deaths of her loved ones.

V. Swamp Thing

This project will explore the dark origin story behind Swamp Thing. Not much has been revealed about this project yet, but it is in the works within DC Studios.

DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters – Shows Edition

Now that we’re done with the movies, let’s get on to exploring the shows that Gunn has in mind for the DCU Phase 1.

I. Creature Commandos

Creature Commandos will feature various DCU characters, including Doctor Phosphorus, Erik Frankenstein, Rick Flagg Sr., Nina Mazursky, Weasel, Bride of Frankenstein, and GI Robot. Bride of Frankenstein will be the protagonist in the show.

This is the only animated series in Gunn’s new plan as of now, and he has already written seven episodes of the series.

II. Waller

The Amanda Waller spin-off series was already introduced, and Gunn is moving forward with the plan, with Viola Davis still set to star in the project. The series will take place between Peacemaker season 1 and 2.

James Gunn does not have time to focus on Peacemaker exclusively, so this is the best we can hope for. Moreover, the project will also involve the executive producer of Doom Patrol, Jeremy Carver and Christal Henry, writer of Watchmen.

III. Lanterns

Lanterns will focus on John Stewart and Hal Jordan. We’re not sure if this project is supposed to be the Green Lantern TV Show by Greg Berlanti. The series will feature Green Lanterns working as cops on precinct Earth as the threat of ancient horror upon them.

IV. Paradise Lost

In my opinion, Paradise Lost is the most exciting show in this DCU slate. The series will be a Wonder Woman prequel series, exploring the origin of Themyscira before Diana Prince’s rule.

James Gunn Reveals Chapter 1 of his DCU Plan: Gods & Monsters

The show will follow the Game of Thrones route and explore the politics of Themyscira, while exploring a group of women’s rise to power.

V. Booster Gold

DC Studios is reportedly working on a project centering around Booster Gold, a future tech superhero with crazy imposter syndrome. The studios is in talks with an actor to play the titular hero, though we do not know who it is yet.

How Gunn’s Plan Will Be Implemented

Chapter 1 - Gods and Monsters | DC Studios | DC
Chapter 1 – Gods and Monsters | DC Studios | DC

Gunn and Safran stated in the announcement event that this is just one half of their plan, and the other half will be unveiled later. It’s a good decision in my opinion, since it is good to see how fans react to the potential plan before planning the next slate.

Gunn’s plan gives a concrete idea about how the DCU will change over various mediums. DC Studios insists on getting the script in place before moving on to anything beyond that, so it might take time for Gunn’s plan to become a reality. As of now, the two chapters (with one yet to be announced) are likely to span over 8-10 years.

Safran and Gunn also stressed the fact that the slate can be moved around and dates are subject to change, if they believe a certain project needs more time. The plan looks extremely impressive on paper as of now, but we’re yet to see how DC Studios implement it.

Major DCU Characters are Missing from Gunn’s Plan

While Gunn’s plan looks quite unique and well thought out, some fan-favorite characters are missing from the slate. Though the slate includes a Wonder Woman prequel series, there is no clarity about where she stands as a character in the DCU. Gunn’s plan does not include any solo film featuring Wonder Woman.

Fans were most likely expecting this, considering the chaos that followed Wonder Woman 3. No clarity was given about Gal Gadot’s future in the DCU either.

Two other characters who are missing from James Gunn’s plan are The Flash and Aquaman, though we can expect something about them in the next chapter. Let’s not forget this is just the beginning, and Gunn has a lot more in store for DCU fans.

James Gunn Reveals Chapter 1 of his DCU Plan: Gods & Monsters
James Gunn

The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are all set to release this year, but it is unclear if they will at all feature in the new and revamped DCU or contribute to the new plan. Another major project that Gunn completely ignores is Justice League 2.

Fans have been expecting the announcement of a new Justice League project, but chapter 1 does not include the project. Chapter 1 focuses more on solo films, with Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Supergirl getting their own solo projects.

A Justice League film can be announced in chapter 2, or it may not be made until this phase is over. We never know. As of now, let’s talk about the projects that have just been announced as there’s a lot to look forward to, if this plan is implemented well.

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