The Rings of Power: Could the Meteor Man be Gandalf?

The Stranger/Meteor Man was introduced in Episode 1 as he crashed into the village where the Harfoots lived. Ever since, the big question has been, who was the Stranger/Meteor Man?

Could the Meteor Man be Gandalf or Sauron, or someone else altogether? Let’s find out.

The Stranger or Meteor Man could either be Gandalf or Sauron. However, considering that he is infant-like, can talk to fireflies, and is friendly with the Harfoots, he is most likely Gandalf the Great.

Now, while many theories are floating over the internet, two stand out. In fact, after Episode 3 released, these two became even more prominent.

After The Rings of Power premiere, people theorized that the Meteor Man could be one of the Blue Wizards or the Man in the Moon. After Episode 3, we don’t have any confirmation, but the Sauron and Gandalf theories are becoming more popular.

So, let’s quickly dive in and look at the two main possibilities.

1. Is he Sauron?

As the teased antagonist, Sauron is the most anticipated arrival in The Rings of Power. So, any mysterious person of interest automatically becomes a candidate for Sauron.

Some viewers think this could be the case. Here are a few reasons why:

Could the Meteor Man be Gandalf in The Rings of Power?
  • The Meteor Man fell onto Middle-Earth almost at the same time as Galadriel’s escape from the boat.
  • According to Tolkien’s books, Sauron takes the form of a shapeshifter called Annatar. This could mean that Annatar is his disguise.
  • There’s an interesting shot in Episode 2 when the Meteor Man lands. We see a circle of fire, at the center of which is a giant man, crawled up in a fetal position. This could symbolize the Eye of Sauron we saw in the OG Peter Jackson films.
  • Another interesting aspect is Nori’s observation about the man when he just fell from the sky, “The fire inside the crater wasn’t hot.” Now, connect detail with how Galadriel felt the fire was losing its heat in Forodwaith, in the presence of Sauron’s sigil. Perhaps there’s something there.

While these are a few potential clues that point towards the Stranger being Sauron, they aren’t enough to confirm his identity. This leads us to the second theory.

2. Is he Gandalf?

Gandalf could be the Meteor Man in The Rings of Power. In Episode 2, we see him talk to the fireflies in a way similar to how Gandalf did in The Fellowship of the Ring. Besides this, the man also seems to have befriended Nori the Harfoot.

Could the Meteor Man be Gandalf in The Rings of Power?

This could foreshadow how the hobbits and Gandalf in the future become the closest friends. However, as compelling as these clues seem, there’s a huge loophole in this theory.

Gandalf hadn’t walked on Middle-Earth until the 10th century of the Third Age. This is almost three millennia ahead in the future, which means the Meteor Man couldn’t be Gandalf.

However, we could be wrong. Gandalf’s Maiar form is over 24000 years old, and he could’ve appeared in the Second Age disguised as someone other than Gandalf.

This is too far-fetched, considering it would significantly impact the larger narrative of the show. Now, we know that the show has modified a few narratives and introduced new arcs and characters. But this addition seems unlikely because of how much impact it could have.

3. Is he the Witch-King of Nazgul?

Now, this is perhaps the most sparsely discussed theory over the internet. Some people have speculated that this Meteor Man could be the Witch-King. The clues are similar to that of Sauron’s theory.

The fact that the fire was cold and not hot is a trait the Witch-King and his nine Wizards carry in the lore. But besides this one clue, there’s no other hint that could possibly tie his identity to the popular figure.

Could the Meteor Man be Gandalf in The Rings of Power?
Witch-King of Nazgul

In fact, there are clear facts that seem to debunk this theory. To begin with, the Witch-King was a human being prior to becoming his darker self. No human would crash-land on Middle-Earth in the form of a falling star or meteor.

Second, the Witch-King was corrupted when he was given one of the rings of power. However, the Meteor Man seems to possess some incredible powers already.

While these two facts disprove the theory, there’s more. People are also theorizing that Theo, the boy who found the broken sword with Sauron’s sigil, or Hallbrand, the King of Southlands, could be the Witch-King.

4. Conclusion

Now, if the Meteor Man or Stranger isn’t Sauron or Gandalf, it could mean he is either the Man in the Moon or the Blue Wizard. However, this seems unlikely, too, because even they weren’t exactly present in the Second Age.

Another theory suggests that the man could be a god in Tolkien lore. He could be Eru Ilúvatar, who destroyed the city of Númenor after Sauron manipulated them into turning against Valar and the Elves. Well, it seems likely nothing is confirmed yet, and we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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