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Is Samurai 8 Manga Ending Soon? Did Samurai 8 Manga End?

Masashi Kishimoto’s new manga series, after Naruto, one of the manga series regarded as the Big Three, titled “Samurai 8: Tale of Hachimaru,” has been losing popularity to the point that its 3rd volume did not even sell 100,000 copies.

Weekly Shonen Jump’s unofficial account, @WSJ_manga, tweeted out information regarding the end of Samurai 8. The manga will publish its last chapter – chapter 43 – in the next issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump and come to an abrupt ending.

This is quite shocking news for fans as there was no seeming end to the story so far. Including the upcoming 43rd chapter, the manga will total to 5 volumes, not even close to Naruto’s 72 volumes.

Naruto, followed by Naruto Shippuden was a heart-stopping anime series written by the great Masashi Kishimoto Sensei. It showcased the life of a shinobi child named Uzumaki Naruto.

Having tremendous latent power since childhood, he lacked the experience to channelize it, resulting in Naruto being a failure from the start.

The anime is about how Naruto Uzumaki stopped being a failure and saved the shinobi world by becoming the strongest shinobi of his time and times to come. It was more than just an anime series, and fortunately, it ended on a good note.

About Samurai 8

Kishimoto Sensei, the creator of wildly popular series Naruto, is back with yet another excellent piece of work – the new manga, Samurai 8: Hachimaruden. It began serialization in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump in April 2019.

Hachimaru is a boy who has had multiple allergies and health issues since birth resulting in a bed-ridden life forever. One day he has a fateful encounter with one of the legendary Samurai – Daruma!

In a sudden battle against Horse Samurai, Hachimaru accidentally performs the samurai ritual and is granted a robotic Samurai body. The body not only rids Hachimaru of all his miseries but fulfills his life-long dream of becoming a samurai. Thus starts the tale of a samurai who will eventually save the universe.

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