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Is Princess Connect! Re: Dive Worth Your Time?

The considerable popularity of the role-playing video game Princess Connect! Re:Dive made the launch of the anime adaption possible within a short span of time. Developed by Cygames Pictures, the anime adaptation made its premiere on April 6, 2020.

The anime has a very quirky, albeit fun and playful energy. This feature has resonated with a handful of people during this COVID-19 pandemic. Head down further to help you decide if you should be watching this or not!

1. Article Highlights

While barely ten episodes are out so far, one can get a general idea of where the series is heading towards.

The anime has fantastic art direction, so much so that even its scenery looks highly realistic. However, the plot is nothing special, and its childish and comical effects might not appeal to everyone.

2. Is it worth watching?

The anime show Princess Connect! Re:Dive is one of many anime shows which have been adapted from popular video games. The initial episodes do feel like the typical fantasy-adventure anime.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Trailer

It does look like it will be an easy-going watch, but it lacks a certain depth to the plot.

I. Plot

The plot of Princess Connect! Re:Dive revolves around the journey of a man who wakes up with no recollection of his past, his identity etc. He is assisted on his journey to find the hidden mystery of his world, by many power-wielding girls he meets.

The plot of the anime moves gradually while keeping us waiting for the climax of the scenes with comical scenes. The comical scenes can range from the absurd to genuinely humorous scenes.

For the most part, the scenes can feel a little too elongated and dragged out. Even the climax of an episode sometimes starts feeling like its opposite. Instead of the usual intense and bloody fight scenes, the climax can feel a little too absurd because of the ridiculous design of its non-human characters.

Is Princess Connect! Re: Dive good?
Princess Connect! Re: Dive

However, not all fight scenes are bad. There is an element of excitement and fun to them too. Watching the ridiculous looking monsters hold swords, look angry and punch the ground can be fun in its own way.

Since the plot is reminiscent of your quintessential Shonen Fantasy anime, it will make you think it is rather pointless to watch. Searching for the hidden “mystery” can feel too cliché, especially if you have watched tons of Shonen anime in the past. However, fret not, any Shonen anime should be judged for how it refines the genre and hence, should be judged on an individual basis.

II. Characters

The main protagonist has lost all his memories and even knowledge of the etiquette of living harmoniously in society. In one humorous scene, he is given a coin by his escort to pay for the crepes they order. Instead, he starts putting it in his mouth and biting it, thinking that it is food.

He is revealed to be someone with very strong unique abilities that no one else in that universe has. The plot slowly unravels many of the mysteries that will keep you hooked to the series to a certain degree.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Is it worth your time?
Princess Connect! Re: Dive

He is referred to, with the honorific prefix “sama” by his female escort who he meets in the first episode. Many of the girls that he meets along his journey are pretty, girly and soft-spoken. Considering that this is a Shonen anime, the girls are a kind of fan service for the largely male audience.

The character development of the main protagonist is pretty bare. It touches many of the basic necessities of portraying the character development of any character.

III. Setting

The setting of the plot is well done and elaborate. The scenery of the anime is so brilliant that even the wind blowing through the grass is realistically drawn.

The houses of the capital of the empire are simple yet effective in taking us into their world. The world-building is intricate and detailed. Such efforts are extremely crucial in making us believe in the reality of that fictional world.

3. Final Thoughts

Despite being an anime that has nothing new to offer, it does look like a fun watch. The plot can be quite tedious to follow at times. You might sit wondering why you even watched some episodes. The fight scenes can be pretty lacklustre and it is funnier than it is intense.

However, it may be worth investing your time in an anime that might soon become very popular. Also, considering there are worse and more ridiculous anime shows out there, this anime is worth your time. But it is not going on my bucket list any soon.

4. Grade

Princess Connect! Re: Dive 3/5

Story: B

Cinematography/Animation: A+

Art: B

Music: B

5. Info Card

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Air Date: April 6, 2020-PresentStatus: OngoingNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 7

6. Watch Order

A watch order is not necessary for this anime.

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