Is Netflix’s Bridgerton a Musical?

Period dramas have seen a rise in popularity with the audience recently. Many period dramas have grabbed the audience’s attention, like Queen’s Gambit, The Crown, and Cursed. The Christmas released Bridgerton is no exception.

The drama has managed to gain a strong fan base despite being released just three weeks ago. The show has become quite popular in such a short amount of time, so much so that songs are being written about it. Literally.

A singer and TikTok star, Abigail Barlow, had recently written, composed, and sang some songs based on some scenes from the period drama Bridgerton and then posted them on TikTok. She writes the songs from the perspective of various characters from the show.

Her work became so popular that even Netflix’s official Twitter account had to take notice of it. They mentioned how “blown away” they are by her musical. Will will not spoil the fun anymore. Check it out for yourself:

The mini-musical is based on the lead characters Daphne and Simon’s interaction after their marriage on their honeymoon. The song is melodious, and it is titled “Burn for you.” Out of all the other Bridgerton songs she had written, Burn for you has become the most popular.

Of course, the TikTok musical’s popularity must have confused the people who haven’t yet watched the show. If you are one of them, you must have had questions like, “Wait, is this show a musical? What is all the fuss about?”

Fear not. I’m here to tell you just that. But before we get into that, let me talk a little about the show to help you understand what it is about.

1. What is Bridgerton About?

The period drama Bridgerton is set in the early 1800s in the high society of Regency London (1811-1820). It follows the life, drama, and romance of the two families of Bridgerton and Featherington that are pretty well known in society.

The center of it all is Daphne Bridgerton, who has just debuted into the society during a time called “the season” where young lords and ladies from high-class families start looking for partners to get married.

Bridgerton Family

She happens to cross paths with the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, who is also one of London’s most eligible bachelors. As they keep getting involved in each other’s life, the drama ensues and presents us with this masterpiece of a show.

The series is based on novels written by Julia Quinn.

2. Is Bridgerton a Musical?

To put it, bluntly, No. While the show does feature the Regency versions of various modern pop songs (I will talk about this later), Bridgerton is not a musical. It is a period drama TV series that is available exclusively on Netflix for streaming.

However, the show did inspire the TikTok star and singer Abigail Barlow to produce a musical for the show. The songs she has written, composed, and sang for Bridgerton are all posted on the TikTok app.

She writes the songs from the perspective of various types from Bridgerton. She has written songs from the perspective of Daphne, Penelope, Eloise, and a duet of Daphne and Simon too, which has become extremely popular.

Bridgerton wouldn’t be the first show/movie to receive the musical treatment on TikTok. Previously, Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical had also become quite famous among the viewers.

The Ratatouille musical had become so big that it even got a full-blown concert filmed. They managed to raise over a million dollars with the concert.

And given how popular Bridgerton musical is becoming, it might not be much of a stretch to say that it would receive the same treatment in the near future.

3. What are the Modern Pop Songs Used in Bridgerton?

Bridgerton features Regency versions of various popular modern pop songs (and for a good reason) by artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, and even Billie Eilish. Most of the songs are covered by Vitamin String Quartet and Bowers and Duomo.

The various modern pop songs used are:

  • Thank u, next by Ariana Grande
  • Girls like you by Maroon 5
  • In my blood by Shawn Mendes
  • Bad guy by Billie Eilish
  • Strange by Celeste
  • Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

The reason for choosing modern music is quite a smart choice if I think about it. Bridgerton has proven itself to be a show which seems to rebel against the era of Regency London it is based in.

Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset

With a consciously diverse cast and characters, to the subtly matriarchal theme of the show, it has blatantly defied the early 1800s era of Regency London.

The diversity among the characters is even addressed in the show when Lady Danbury revealed that the Black characters only had a standing in the Regency high society because the King had fallen in love with Queen Charlotte.

The fact that the show has used modern pop songs serves as a reminder for people saying that it is a show which is progressive and welcomes modernity.

4. About Bridgerton

Bridgerton is an American streaming television period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes. It is based on Julia Quinn’s novel series of the same name, set in the competitive world of Regency era in London.

The show’s ensemble cast includes Adjoa Andoh, Lorraine Ashbourne, Jonathan Bailey, Ruby Barker, Sabrina Bartlett, Harriet Cains, Regé-Jean Page, Bessie Carter, Nicola Coughlan, Phoebe Dynevor, Ben Miller, Golda Rosheuvel, Luke Newton and Julie Andrews among many others.

The series follows the eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family on their journey to find love and happiness in London’s high society. Bridgerton Season 1 mainly focuses on the eldest daughter of the family, Daphne’s involvement with the Duke of Hastings as they enter a fake courtship for self-serving motives.

The upcoming Season 2 will focus on Daphne’s brother, Anthony Brigerton’s love life. Anthony is on his way attempting to marry Edwina Sharma, only to find himself getting attracted to her sister, Kate. Kate is an ambitious, fearless woman who has opposite views than Anthony, which makes him more curious.

The cast includes the newly added love interest, Sex Education’s Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma, and Charithra Chandran as Kate’s sister, Edwina.

The sequel is expected to release sometime in 2022.

A spinoff series for Queen Charlotte was also announced by Netflix and is currently in development.

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