How strong is Harry Potter compared to other Wizards and Witches?

The Harry Potter movies boast several extremely talented witches and wizards, with the titular Harry Potter among them. Harry was not the most powerful character in the series, with many older wizards outranking him.

Harry Potter already proved he is a complete wizard multiple times throughout the series. Firstly, he defeated Voldemort, which required power. But Harry defeating Voldemort came down to luck and other people helping him for the most part.

Albus Dumbledore, Ronald Weasley, Hermoine Granger, and even Harry’s mother were vital parts of the plan to defeat “The Dark Lord.” We saw Harry take down the basilisk in his second year and learn the Patronus charm quite quickly in his third year.

He also won the Triwizard Tournament in his fourth year, even though he was too young to enter. Harry convinced his fellow students at Hogwarts to join Dumbledore’s Army in his fifth year, where he taught them Defense Against the Dark Arts.

He then led the charge in The Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

1. Harry Potter’s Most Extraordinary Powers

I. Accio

Harry can use Accio on multiple occasions, such as when he calls forth his broom to defeat the Hungarian Horntail, and it is one of his most trustworthy spells. His learned proficiency at this simple spell is a great foundational use of magic.

II. Defense Against The Dark Arts Proficiency

Harry might be average in other subjects, such as potions and transfiguration, but he is at the top of his Defense Against the Dark Arts class. He is even better than Hermione.

This proficiency allows him to act quickly and know which spells to use when up against Dementors, Death Eaters, and even Voldemort himself. He’s so good at this branch of magic that he even teaches his peers as the leader of Dumbledore’s Army.

III. Parseltongue

Parseltongue is one of the most extraordinary powers in the entire series, but characters in the story unfairly malign it. Due to it’s association with Salazar Slytherin and other dark wizards, the wizarding community fears the ability to talk to snakes.

However, speaking to an entirely different species and understanding their feelings and thoughts is exciting and rare. Harry loses this ability after the Horcrux inside of him is killed, but it’s instead a shame.

IV. Expelliarmus

Of all the spells Harry uses and has available to him, Expelliarmus might be the one he uses the most. It ends up being his signature spell when he faces Voldemort.

And, while other characters might make fun of him for this, it serves him well. His natural instinct to disarm someone, not try to hurt them, also says a lot about his character, and it’s one of his strengths.

V. Expecto Patronum

Many spells are exciting, practical, or powerful, but one of the necessary incantations Harry uses throughout the series is Expecto Patronum. This type of magic doesn’t come quickly to him as Harry saw many horrors, such as his parents’ deaths before he was a teenager.

Despite all that, he learned how to harness happiness and become highly skilled at casting a fully-fledged Patronus. This ability allows him to save himself and Sirius from the Dementors at the end of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

He can also protect himself and Dudley when the Dementors come to Little Whinging.

2. Harry Potter’s Strongest Feats

I. Harry Was The Youngest Seeker In A Century

 Although it may seem insignificant that Harry was the youngest Seeker in a century, this was one of his most significant achievements.

Harry’s natural flying abilities made the head of Gryffindor House, and Transfiguration teacher Minerva McGonagall put him onto the Quidditch team in his first year. This allowed him to get the practice he needed to capture the flying key that led to Voldemort at the end of the Philosopher’s Stone.

His flying skills also aided him during the Goblet of Fire when he had to outrace the Hungarian Horntail on his broom to get the golden egg.

II. Harry Rescued Sirius Black

Having returned in time, Harry saved his godfather, Sirius Black, from execution via the Dementor’s kiss. While some readers might claim that this was all thanks to Hermoine’s all-powerful time-turner, Harry’s knowledge gained in his Care of Magical Creatures was the difference.

Harry was able to rescue Buckbeak using the knowledge to fly the hippogriff to the tower where Sirius was imprisoned.

This was the second time Harry saved Sirius’ life. The first being when he conjured a Patronus to drive away the horde of Dementors that descended upon Sirius and his past self.

III. Harry Learned To Summon A Patronus In His Third Year

During Lupin’s first private lesson with Harry to summon a Patronus charm, Lupin warned Harry that a Patronus is an advanced magic and something that most experienced wizards can’t do.

However, Harry was undeterred, knowing it was the only way to defend himself from the Dementors. Initially, Harry could do little more than summon a small fragment of a Patronus, which did little in terms of defense.

However, he was later to summon a fully corporeal Patronus to save his past self and Sirius Black. Harry could only do this because he realized that the Patronus that kept him from the skeptics was his own, which gave him the confidence to cast it.

The Patronus charm became one of Harry’s most potent spells, and he later used it to save his childhood bully, Dudley. He taught the members of the DA to perform it as well.

IV. Harry Located The Philosopher’s Stone

Harry retrieved the Stone from inside the Mirror of Erised and protected it with his very life, thus delaying Voldemort’s return. This further ensured that Voldemort would never become immortal since the Stone was later destroyed.

3. Is Harry Potter the most powerful wizard?

Harry became an Auror after the Battle at Hogwarts. Almost every one of Harry’s accolades proves how powerful a wizard he was, but for most of these, he was helped along the way. 

Dumbledore, Voldemort, Grindelwald, Alastor Moody, Nicolas Flamel, Snape, Lily Potter, and Hermione Granger are all more powerful than Harry Potter. Let’s get into more details.

I. Albus Dumbledore

Apart from being more robust and intelligent than Harry Potter, Dumbledore may have been the best wizard ever to live in the Harry Potter universe. Dumbledore gained a reputation as one of the greatest wizards after defeating the dark wizard.

Dumbledore also made wizarding history books by aiding Nicolas Flamel with his alchemy and discovering the twelve uses of Dragon’s Blood. Albus Dumbledore was the only person the Dark Wizard, Voldemort, ever feared.

Dumbledore used his influence to create the Order of the Phoenix to fight against Voldemort’s dark forces during the First Wizarding War. When Voldemort rose to power the second time, invulnerable because of his tie to the Horcruxes, he could not defeat Dumbledore in the Ministry of Magic.

This is likely because of Dumbledore’s strength and skill as a wizard and because he was the current wielder of the Elder Wand — the most powerful wand ever made. Dumbledore, indeed was wiser and more powerful than Harry Potter.

II. Tom Riddle/Voldemort

We know that Voldemort was the most potent dark wizard in the Harry Potter universe. He maintained enough power to form one of the most significant associations of dark wizards and united magical beats to do his bidding.

Voldemort was powerful enough to wield dark magic and split his soul into seven parts to create seven Horcruxes. Voldemort was also powerful enough to jinx the Defense Against the Dark Arts position at Hogwarts.

He mastered flying without a broom, which only a few wizards can do, and he was also an accomplished Legilimens. Voldemort was unabashedly evil, and his incredible power matched his evil.

It’s evident that had he not accidentally created a Horcrux within Harry, Harry would have never been able to defeat him in a duel. Voldemort was much stronger than him.

How strong is Harry Potter compared to other Wizards and Witches?
Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort

III. Gellert Grindelwald

Gellert Grindelwald was a dark wizard and arguably the second-strongest dark wizard of all time, behind Voldemort. He could amass followers like Voldemort though he seemed to do so only to achieve his goal of subjugating the Muggles and becoming powerful.

He was on a quest to find the Deathly Hallows and was extremely powerful after taking The Elder Wand from Mykew Gregorvitch. Grindelwald wreaked havoc on acquiring the Elder Wand and evaded his capture multiple times.

His use of magic and dark arts was so skilled with the Elder Wand that Dumbledore risked breaking his blood pact with Grindelwald to form forces against him.

IV. Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody

Alastor Moody was an Auror and may have been the most powerful member of The Order of the Phoenix, aside from Albus Dumbledore. It was mentioned in the series that many of the witches and wizards that were imprisoned in Azkaban Prison were put there by Moody. He killed Death Eaters-notably Evan Rosier in the war against Voldemort.

Moody was also the Auror responsible for tracking and capturing the Death Eater, Igor Karkaroff, which led to the capture of Barty Crouch Jr.  Dumbledore trusted him enough to offer him the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts during Harry’s fourth year.

Unfortunately, Moody was killed by Voldemort during the Battle of the Seven Potters. Voldemort believed the honest Harry would fly with the most skilled witch or wizard. Thus, he targeted Alastor Moody, one of the most powerful Aurors-and certainly more potent than Harry potter.

V. Severus Snape

 Severus Snape was a professor at Hogwarts, and he taught Potions before he became the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Instead of wanting the role of Potions Master at Hogwarts, Snape desperately wanted to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts.

Snape proved multiple times how powerful he was. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince revealed that Snape was the Half-Blood Prince and thus invented spells, such as Sectumsempra and Levicorpus, and numerous ways to brew potions better.

He was also an expert in Occlumency, as he was able to conceal his thoughts from Lord Voldemort. These feats indeed prove that Severus Snape was more powerful than Harry Potter. 

VI. Lily Potter

Lily Potter was noted as a remarkable student despite being the most overlooked powerful witch. She is on the list and may be more powerful than her son because she might be the sole reason for Voldemort’s defeat.

Her use of the sacrificial protection counter-charm when Voldemort attacked in Godric’s Hollow was the point of difference. Without it, Voldemort would have killed Harry and presumably would have won the war.

She was courageous enough to stare down death and save the Wizarding World and Muggle World.

VIII. Hermione Granger

A part of the trio that led the Harry potter series, Hermione Granger was an extremely talented witch. Hermione was a large part of why Harry Potter survived his adventures at Hogwarts.

She was trusted with a time-turner and used it effectively. She also successfully used memory charms to trick her parents into forgetting her to protect them from Voldemort.

She mastered the Polyjuice Potion at a young age and was able to cast several protective charms to hide her, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter while hunting for the Horcruxes.

Hermione later became the Minister of Magic, while Harry became Head Auror. Her ability with all the things magical outshone Harry’s in almost every way, proving she was more powerful than him.

How strong is Harry Potter compared to other Wizards and Witches?
Emma Watson as Hermione
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4. About Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a film series based on the eponymous novel series by J. K. Rowling. The series is distributed by Warner Bros. and consists of eight fantasy films, beginning with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and culminating with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

The film series follows Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, and his journey to take down the evil wizard Lord Voldemort and save Hogwarts, the Wizarding School he attended, with his best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

The series was mainly produced by David Heyman, and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson as the three leading characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

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