Dr. Brenner’s Fate Is Sealed in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

Dr. Brenner is a significant character in Stranger Things and is the reason behind Eleven’s powers. After Season 1, we all thought he was gone for good, but the man returned in Season 4. He had undoubtedly grown old but was alive and back at experimenting with El and her powers.

But his endeavors and ambitions were trifled by the Colonel and his army. He stormed into the facility, and as Brenner and Eleven tried to escape, the doctor was shot by one of the soldiers, right in the chest. So, is he really dead this time, or will we see him in Season 5?

Dr. Brenner is really dead in Season 4 Volume 2 of Stranger Things. We clearly see him succumb to the gunshot wound as he bids adieu to Eleven.

In Volume 1, we saw that the Colonel blamed Hawkins’ incidents on Eleven and wanted to go after her. So, he got in touch with Dr. Owens, who knew better than to give Hawkins’ only hope to the government.

Dr. Brenner's Fate is Sealed in Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2
Dr. Brenner

Owens immediately reaches out to El, and as you all know, the two go to a facility to help her regain her powers. This way, she and her friends would have a shot at defeating and killing off Vecna.

Next thing we know, Brenner makes his appearance. He’s much older now. Although his skin is wrinkled, his hair has turned all grey, he still has that obsession with El and her powers.

We all know what ensues next, so I’m going to skip that part and jump straight to the events of Volume 2. El and Owens decide to leave despite Brenner’s best efforts to convince them that she isn’t ready for Vecna.

When the two don’t listen, he’s forced to hold our protagonist against her will. However, this imprisonment is short-lived because Colonel and his men storm the facility and tear it apart. As Brenner tries to escape, he’s hit by a bullet right in his chest.

He falls, and in what seems like his final moments, he pleads with El to forgive her. He says that everything he did was for her own good. While she’s not convinced, she bids him adieu. We do see him take his final breath and his body giving up.

Dr. Brenner's Fate is Sealed in Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2
Dr. Brenner

So, it is likely that he is indeed dead, unless Season 5 throws a curveball at you. You never know with the show because, at this point, everything seems unpredictable. There still is an ever-so-slight chance of Brenner being rescued by Colonel.

After all, he’d want to understand El, her powers, and get the secret to defeating her, and who better to interrogate than the creator himself. But it feels like Dr. Martin Brenner is dead and gone from the show for good.

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