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Is Dirty Pair Worth Your Time? – A Complete Review

Dirty Pair (Dāti Pea) is a series of Japanese light novels written by Haruka Takachiho and illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. These novels were then adapted into anime and manga versions.

The series revolves around the main protagonists Kei and Yuri, also called the “Lovely Angels”, who live in a time when humankind lives across thousands of star systems.

An anime television series based on the novels, simply titled Dirty Pair, ran for 24 episodes that aired on Nippon Television affiliates from July to December 1985.

1. Quick Review

Dirty Pair is set in the years 2138–43. In this time, humanity has broadened its horizon of living beyond the solar system.

Is Dirty Pair worth watching? Review
Lovely Angels Duo | Source: Fandom

In this new world, there exists a corporation called the World Welfare Works Association (WWWA) that helps people deal with various problems of a planetary-scale for profit.

The WWWA sends in agents such as the “Lovely Angels” Kei and Yuri who are trouble consultants.

The series focuses on their adventures and their reputation for being disaster magnets. This has publicly earned them the name the “Dirty Pair”.

Adapted in 1985, Dirty Pair was one of the first anime to popularize the whole “girls with guns” concept.

The series is a good action-comedy despite being three decades old but the animation, however, doesn’t stand a chance when compared to that of the 2000s.

2. Info Card

Dirty Pair

Air Date: July 15, 1985 Status: Finished Studio: Sunrise No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 24
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3. Is It Worth Watching?

Dirty pair is a great 80’s show with a perfect balance between action and comedy.

The series displays great artwork for its time but there is no real storyline as most of the episodes are stand-alone.

Original Dirty Pair - OVA series - Trailer (1987)
Dirty Pair Trailer

The noteworthy component of the show, however, are the main characters. It is mainly their back and forth banter of insults that keeps the show alive.

If you’re a fan of the 80’s vibe or just want to indulge in a show with its own futuristic charm, then give this series a go.

I. Plot

The series is set in a reality where humanity has broadened their horizon of living across some few thousand star systems.

Kei and Yuri are two members of a Trouble Consultant team, code-named “Lovely Angels”.

Even though they successfully complete each mission, their trademark is to leave a trail of disaster in its wake. Due to their destructive nature, they’ve publicly earned the name “Dirty Pair”.

The humor and main characters in Dirty Pair do their best to keep our interest but you can’t help but feel that there were endless possibilities for the storyline of this sci-fi anime that wasn’t exploited.


i) Main characters

Kei is one of the protagonists of the Dirty Pair anime series.

Her character is described as a hot-headed tomboy who is a part of the Lovely Angels with her teammate Yuri. Kei is the extrovert among the duo and is known for being short-tempered.

Is Dirty Pair worth watching? Review
Kei | Source: Fandom

She is highly motivated and sometimes acts without thinking of the consequences. Kei is an expert shot and also seems to be highly skilled in unarmed combat.

Yuri is partners with Kei in the Lovely Angels duo.

She is one of the main protagonists of Dirty Pair. Yuri is portrayed as a more feminine character and an introvert when compared to Kei.

Is Dirty Pair worth watching? Review
Yuri | Source: Fandom

She is seen wearing dresses and spending more time on makeup and her beauty in general. Yuri is a crack shot and also quite skilled in unarmed combat.

ii) Supporting characters

Andrew Francis Gooley is the Dirty Pair’s immediate supervisor.

He has the unfortunate task of assigning Kei and Yuri assignments while also dealing with the paperwork for the damage they cause.

Is Dirty Pair worth watching? Review
Andrew Francis Gooley | Source: Fandom

Even though they cause him a lot of trouble, he still cares for them and believes in their abilities.

III. Setting

The Lovely Angels aka the Dirty Pair and the WWWA reside in Eleanor City where Kei and Yuri live together in the city’s famous Damocles Tower. The series has some beautiful art and character outfits inspired by the ’80s.

IV. Theme Songs

The opening theme is “Ru-Ru-Ru-Russian Roulette” by Nakahara Meiko and the ending theme of the series is “Space Fantasy” by Nakahara Meiko.

The music used in Dirty Pair is doesn’t really help in getting a sense of the characters but is nonetheless composed of groovy tracks relevant for a space adventure.

4. Grade

Dirty Pair

Story: A+

Cinematography/Animation: A

Art: A+

Music: A

5. Final Thoughts

Dirty Pair is a cyberpunk action-comedy which gives you a nostalgic vibe from the ‘80s.

The concept of two interactive women characters that are both strong and beautiful, is refreshing. The series is a compilation of action, humor, and disastrous situations of epic proportions.

The anime does fall short in terms of animation and character development. The Lovely Angels characters balance each other beautifully in every episode leading to the hilarious comedy that ensues.

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