Is Diablo loyal to Rimuru? Is he evil? Why does he obsess so much?

Regarding Diablo and Rimuru, many of us often question how trusting each party is to one other.

How long does Rimuru know Diablo? How long has Diablo been working for Rimuru? Does Diablo give his complete loyalty to their boss? How long will Diablo endure before he betrays and follows a different master?

TenSura Slime takes the master and servant relationship to a whole different level. And Diablo and Rimuru’s relationship is a perfect example.

Diablo’s extreme loyalty to his master is driven by the fact that he is a Demon Primordial. Countless times, he commits certain acts for his gains, hence, making an appearance to viewers and the characters surrounding him that he is evil.

But there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye! Today, let’s go in-depth into Diablo’s mind — the most loyal Arch Demon servant of the Great Rimuru!

Diablo is loyal to Rimuru as the former may commit selfish acts, but he only does so out of loyalty to his beloved master. Diablo’s loyalty is often seen as the undying love and devotion of the Arch Demon servant to his powerful master.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from TenSura Slime light novels.

Why is Diablo loyal to Rimuru?

Diablo is loyal to Rimuru because of his strength and character. From what we’ve seen of Diablo in the story, to him, Rimuru is the pinnacle of power and presence.

Diablo may look evil by appearance because of their black sclera and his gold-red pupils. He has had this evil aura emitting since his debut in the anime. Furthermore, his title as an Arch Demon doesn’t help either.

Is Diablo loyal to Rimuru? Is he evil?
Diablo | Source: Fandom

However, Diablo hasn’t killed a single being yet in the Slime universe. And if he does hurt, he only hurts his opponents because his master orders him to capture them alive!

Furthermore, what’s an “evil deed” to us (the viewers) is nothing more than Diablo serving the best fruits of labor to his master!

Whether capturing his enemies alive or defending Rimuru from insults, he will justify his master as long as he can earn Rimuru’s praise.

Diablo has been stalking his master for many years because of his master’s Anti-Magic Mask. The Anti-Magic Mask a special item that Chancellor Rimuru inherited from Shizue Izawa, the former “Champion” of their world.

The clue will hint to Diablo on his true goal: the “Truth of the World.” Because of this, fans can understand how and why Diablo is obsessive regarding Rimuru, his master’s power, influence, relics, and weapons.

On another note, Diablo obsessively serves his master without fail because he fears losing his master’s favor. Diablo answers his boss’ request to the point of servitude to avoid a dire circumstance like that.

How many primordial demons serve rimuru?

All seven of the primordial demons serve Rimuru in TenSura. This includes Black Primordial (Diablo), White Primordial (Testarossa), Red Primordial (Guy Crimson), Green Primordial (Mizari), Blue Primordial (Rhein), Yellow Primordial (Carrera)
and Purple Primordial (Ultima).

“Noir” is Diablo’s original name before Rimuru bestowed him his “Diablo” name. “Primordial Black” is a nickname or title given to Noir because he is a member of the pre-historic or ancient demons.

That’s why Diablo is famously known in the Slime universe as Arch Demon “Primordial Black.” And as the second secretary of Rimuru, Diablo’s executive position in the Jura Tempest Federation will lead him straight to the dark desires of his heart!

Who created “The Black Numbers”?

Diablo created the militia unit — The Black Numbers — to serve Rimuru during warfare. His true goal is to be with Rimuru physically as much as possible. And although he becomes Rimuru’s butler and second secretary, he barely does anything except provide magical information and serve tea.

However, Diablo’s “secretarial duties” become significant when delegating military personnel into battle. After all, he doesn’t like that he’s away from Rimuru. He hired others to do the dirty work, so Diablo himself doesn’t go into the battlefield.

The Black Numbers is a de facto organization of the Jura Tempest Federation. By gathering its 711 elite demons, he is one step closer to his goal.

Is Diablo loyal to Rimuru? Is he evil?
Black Numbers | Source: Fandom

Then, Diablo summoned 3 more Demon Primordials so that they can serve Rimuru in a war (refer to Volume 11 of the light novel). After sending them all into warfare, Diablo stayed close to Rimuru’s side and served him cookies & tea as much as he could.

As of Volume 11 to 12 of the light novel, “The Black Numbers” is the strongest fighting force of fierce combatants, even if Diablo utilizes the militia unit’s function selfishly.

How devoted is Diablo?

Diablo is extremely devoted to his master. If Rimuru requested Diablo’s death, he would commit self-immolation or suicide.

Is Diablo loyal to Rimuru? Is he evil?
Rimuru Tempest | Source: Fandom

He is a fighter, so he charges against his enemies when raiding Farmus Kingdom’s government (or Falmuth Kingdom) in Volume 7 of the light novel. However, he sees the attack as bothersome because it is not a complete victory.

Worst of all, the invasion greatly distances the master and butler. After all, Diablo could only think of returning to Rimuru’s side immediately when battling his adversaries.

The separation upset and frightened Diablo. He thought a partial victory also meant losing Rimuru’s favor.

Remember that the invasion was not a perfect win; there were hiccups along the way. And because of those hiccups, Diablo thought: “Because I failed to meet master Rimuru’s expectations, I shouldn’t serve him anymore. Soon, I will be replaced and be separated from him.”

What is the Anti-Magic Mask?

The Magic Suppression Mask (or Anti-Magic Mask) was initially why Diablo became loyal to Rimuru. Before, it was in the hands of Shizue Izawa; but after her death, Shizue bequeathed it to Rimuru. Diablo had been stalking the wearer of that mask. Hence, he stalked Shizue Izawa first before doing the same thing to Rimuru.

Is Diablo loyal to Rimuru? Is he evil?
Anti-Magic Mask | Source: Fandom

When Shizue decapitated Diablo’s right arm in the Filtwood Kingdom encounter, he was amazed by her overwhelming aura. Now, Diablo sees the same overwhelming aura growing violently within Rimuru.

Diablo believes that whoever wears the mysterious black-and-white mask engraved with spirals that’s the person who will reveal the “Truth of the World” to him.

Not only did Diablo become Rimuru’s loyal follower after realizing a slime like him now wears and possesses the mask. His loyalty to serve him until death crosses unimaginable lines:

  • he praises Rimuru’s noble soul with the utmost regard;
  • formed & hired The Black Numbers to become the bodyguards and to combat many enemies;
  • summoned 3 powerful Primordial Demons and sent them to warfare;
  • became a butler and the second secretary of Rimuru.

All these grueling tasks are odd jobs that Diablo undertakes so that he can gain Rimuru’s favor while always staying beside his master’s side. Talk about obsessive!

Diablo understood the destructive power of the wearer of that mask. That’s why he desires to be with Rimuru so he can witness the young lord (or chancellor) harness this massive aura, hence, explaining Diablo’s bondage and undying servitude to his master.

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