Is ‘Cake’ worth your time?

Pakistan has always managed to present narratives that suit the Indian palette pretty well and their latest offering on Netflix, aptly titled Cake, is no different. Set in Karachi, the film tells the story of estranged siblings Zareen (Aamina Sheikh) and Zara (Sanam Saeed) who are forced to reconnect when their father is rushed to the hospital. The Cake is a story of a dysfunctional family consisting of an unlikely pair with three temperamental children, each with their own issues. There’s a family secret that binds them together, and also keeps the viewer hooked. If you insist on examining the treatment, Cake, feels like an upgraded version of Kapoor and Sons, with more depth, intensity and sibling rivalry.

Trust Pakistan to bring authenticity to its narration. The country reeks of talent best suited for international work. The film boasts a rare balance between a layered storyline and true portrayal of relationships, which play a huge part in making you digest the offered piece without any guilt. It’s aptly paced and there are moments that remind you of your own adventure with your siblings. The director wins the battle of presenting family drama in the freshest way possible. His approach is direct and doesn’t stray away from realism until the climax. The last half an hour of cake is like any tear-jerking melodramatic Hindi film, only more impactful.

The best part about Cake is its women – the two sisters and the mother are the feisty force of the film. While the men play the more subtle, supporting part, the story belongs to the females who run the show with their earnest performances.

The Cake is a must-watch movie streaming on Netflix, that gives you a fresh slice of life drama. It’s delectable, approachable and won’t give you ‘sugar-induced’ drowsiness that tends to come with family drama. Go add it to your watch menu right away.

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