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Is Arte good? A Complete Review

The anime Arte has become a huge hit in recent years. It tells a very inspiring story of a young woman who encounters obstacles in pursuing her dream. The anime which started being aired from April 4, 2020, recently got wrapped up on June 20, 2020.

Is Arte good?
Arte | Source: Fandom

Largely based on the popular Seinen manga of the same name, the anime is directed by the well-known director Takayuki Hamana who has directed acclaimed anime like Idaten Jump and Prince of Tennis.

1. Quick Review

The anime Arte has an incredibly strong female protagonist. Her resilience and optimism, even in the face of adversities, are admirable and infectious. Coupled with a plot that progresses around her explorations and personal growth, the anime is addicting and entertaining.

The setting in the medieval European terrain is given so much detail and importance that it renders the plot very believable and realistic.

The opening and ending songs are likewise exceptionally melodic and artistic and really help carry the tone of the episode to greater heights.

2. Is it worth watching?

The anime Arte is worth watching. It is a historical fiction anime that explores the “what-if” of a woman painter in Renaissance Era-Italy.

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Also, while the story is simple and yet full of subversive elements that are laudable, the execution of it is exceptional and mind-blowing.

I. Plot

The plot of the anime Arte revolves around a young woman who refuses to be cowed down by sexist prejudices of Renaissance -Era Italy and, more specifically, the painting sector, which was considered suitable only for men.

Is Arte good?
Arte | Source: Funimation

With the death of her father, who was the sole believer in her art as a vocation, she faced the wrath of her mother, who had very rigid ideas of what a woman should do. Her mother burns all her art and sketches to “discipline” her and tells her that her art lessons were just meant to be a hobby.

Ultimately, she becomes an apprentice at Leo’s workshops, but only after she faces grueling and humiliating rejections from approximately twenty workshops and challenging tasks. The anime charts her personal growth from being a sheltered noble girl to becoming an independent master artisan.

The plot of the anime is extraordinarily inspiring and entertaining. Her personal growth shown through a coming-of-age tale breathes life and vibrancy into the anime. Though the anime has taken huge liberties with historical facts, it still is a commendable and innovative approach since it is after all historical fiction.

I personally enjoyed the story it told and moreover, the social message and statement that it boldly made. It is a beautiful and wonderful anime that leaves you hooked to the anime while seizing you with a powerful “carpe-diem” mood!

II. Characters

The entire plot of the anime Arte progresses around the adventures of the headstrong and determined protagonist Arte and, to a slightly lesser extent, Leo, her master.

However, their encounters and interactions with other artisans and people are important in their character development. She is a very likable and relatable character whose unconventional (by those standards of that time) life choices are commendable and still have contemporary significance.

Is Arte good?
Arte | Source: Fandom

Her defiance against parental authority who decides what is right for her is admirable, especially considering the repressive conditions of women at that time. The laid back character of Leo, despite his initial hostility against her for being a noble girl, warms up to her.

Despite their wide differences in gender and class, they do have huge similarities in their approach to art and their motivations for wanting to become artists.

A deep bond develops between the two, with a whiff of romance as well. The anime zooms in on their friendship, and it’s deeply satisfying to watch the two learn from each other and hence grow.

3. Final Thoughts

The anime does a pretty good job of tackling the reprehensible and immoral attitudes against women of that time and place.

It is cathartic and deeply enjoyable to watch a woman take her life into her own hands and grow as an artisan and as a woman.

While the art and setting are typical of many Japanese animation set in a European cultural sphere, the execution of the plot strikes out for its creativity and social message. Watch it! I’d definitely recommend it.

4. Grade

Arte 4/5

Story: A+

Cinematography/Animation: A

Art: A-

Music: A-

5. Info Card


Air Date: April 4, 2020- June 20, 2020Status: CompletedStudio: Seven ArcsNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 12
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