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AOT – Is Manga better than Anime?

Attack on Titan is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime worldwide but just like any other anime, there is a conflict between the manga and its anime adaptation.

Attack on Titan follows the life of Eren Yeager, who lives within the walls created to isolate humanity from Titans. Eren believes that people live in an illusion of peace and freedom which could be broken any second. Just as he says, the show starts with this horrible thought becoming a reality. Titans break the walls and it’s time for humanity to fight for its survival.

Titans in AOT

The anime starts off as a thrilling, gory, action anime yet its multifaceted themes allow its political and philosophical themes to surface. If you want to hear our thoughts about how AOT is going to end – Click here!

Given the unique interplay of themes in Attack on Titan, it’s hard to say “the manga is 100 times better” which is often the case. Here are 10 iconic scenes in Attack on Titan that worked better in the anime and 10 that worked better in the manga…


1. Annie’s Identity

Annie’s reveal was better handled in the anime with regard to the emotional conflict within Eren and his friends when it came to fighting Annie. Even Annie’s hesitation to kill her comrades is given more screen time in the anime. In the manga, it’s a scene that would take some observational skills for one to put together. Eren’s dilemma and his desperation to prove Annie innocent is beautifully executed by the voice actor.

annie reiner and bertholdt

2. Reiner and Bert’s Conflict

Reiner and Bertholdt’s immense guilt is better shown in the anime. Reiner’s split personality and Bert’s dialogues to understand and “find them” hits harder thanks to the emotions packed behind the voicing.

3. Christa’s Relationship with Ymir

Christa’s relationship with Ymir is fleshed out properly in the anime and is easier to pick up on than the manga. Although it is hinted at in the manga, there’s no room or time for it to sink in. Ymir’s final letter comes as a much-awaited scene as we know how much Ymir and Christa mean to each other.

 4. Erwin’s Suicidal Charge

This scene, for obvious reasons, played out much better in the anime. Erwin’s speech dominates the scene and his suicidal charge against the Beast Titan is enhanced through background music, the detailed focus on soldiers and the animation.

Erwin’s Charge | Attack on Titan Season 3

5. Grisha’s Past

The Flashbacks of Grisha’s Past are much more entertaining in a fluid motion. Grisha’s Past easily evokes sadness and manages to disturb the watcher thanks to the horrifying truth.


1. Introduction to AOT World

Given the time restriction of anime, the flow of information can be quite rushed and therefore, does not allow the watcher to understand the depth of what’s being said. The manga gives you time to analyse the things being said and to process it. The introduction to this world is easier to settle into the manga.

2. Eren’s Training

Eren’s training period has its own proper space in the manga while it is rushed in the anime. Although people understand that he must have trained “off-screen” it is nice to see a medium that shows the hard work Eren has put in to get where he is.

3. Christa’s Past

Christa’s past, given that it reveals a lot of information, is easier to understand in the manga. The anime tends to gloss over things in a rush to put everything in a 20-minute episode. The manga has the luxury to put in detailed information and foreshadowing the anime may sometimes have to gloss over. 

4. Levi and Kenny’s Relationship

Just like Christa’s story, Levi and his connection with Kenny or the Ackerman family are explored a little more in-depth in the manga as the manga can afford to do so. The Ackerman family and their powers are put into perspective a little better in the manga. It’s always nice to know extra information to understand the world of Attack on Titan better.

Kenny and Levi

5. The truth of AOT World and Grisha’s Past

The explanation of the world is rushed in the anime and Grisha, as a character is not explored that well. The manga manages to portray the inner reflections of Grisha on the panel to make the readers understand Grisha as a character. The explanation of the world is easier to process in the manga and allows the reader to connect the dots in this interlinked story.


Both mediums have their strengths and weaknesses. It often boils down to personal choice since neither medium is devoid of drawbacks and both are full of their strengths. However, there is one thing manga can never top anime in – the intensity of fight scenes. Check out the video to see Levi kicking some ass.

Levi Ackerman vs Beast Titan | Attack on Titan Season 3

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