Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling? – All Guilds Ranked!

With the new season’s start, the Giant Monarch arc is slowly unraveling, and new events are constantly occurring.

After displaying his might on Jeju Island, and clearing an S rank gate almost on his own, Sung Jin-Woo has become renowned.

With this new status, as we can see in chapter 115 of the manhwa, he has established his own guild called Ahjin.

While the manhwa is still going on, and it’ll be quite some time before it finishes, the Light Novel of Solo Leveling has already ended spectacularly.

In this article, I will be ranking all the powerful guilds that appear in the novel, and discuss how Jin-Woo’s Ahjin guild fares against them.

Before we get started, keep in mind that there will be major spoilers from the novel, so read at your own risk.

8. Knights Guild

Ranked eighth, the Knights Guild is one of the top guilds in South Korea and has Park Jong-Soo as its master.

Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling?
Park Jong-Soo | Source: Fandom

This guild is responsible for the Yeongnam area and handles all the gates up to rank A that appear there.

Despite being the only guild without any S-rank members, they still rank among the top due to them having the most A-rank hunters in all of Korea.

To tackle an S-rank gate, they had to collaborate with Sung Jin-Woo’s Ahjin Guild and form a raid party.

Some other noticeable members of the guild are Jung Yoon-Tae, who is also the deputy guild master, as well as A-rank healer, Jung Ye-Rim.

7. Reapers Guild

Reapers Guild, headed by S-rank hunter Lim Tae-Kyu, is one of the top 5 Korean guilds. Along with Hunter and White Tiger Guilds, it is located in the Seoul Metropolitan area.

Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling?
Lim Tae-Kyu | Source: Fandom

Originally, Reapers Guild was the best guild in South Korea; however, after some members broke away from it and started their own guild called White Tiger, it dropped down to the second last position.

The only other notable member of this guild is Lee Min-Sung.

6. White Tiger Guild

Like I said before, White Tiger Guild was originally a part of the Reapers, but broke away under the leadership of S-rank hunter Baek Yoon-Ho, to become one of the top South Korean Guilds.

It is located in Seoul Metropolitan along with Hunters Guild and Reapers Guild. There’s a lot of rivalry between the White Tiger Guild’s master and Hunter Guild’s master.

Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling?
Baek Yoon-Ho | Source: Fandom

In the webtoon, there have been a lot of interactions between Jin-Woo and this guild, mainly because of the latter’s desire to recruit him.

Chief An Sang-Min, the head of the Second Management Division, who was in charge of recruiting new hunters, was among the first to notice Jin-Woo’s power.

Some other notable members of this guild are Kim Chul, Park Hee-jin, and Joo Sung-Chan.

5. Fame Guild

Fame Guild, led by S-rank hunter, Ma Dong-Wook, is also one of the top-5 Korean guilds.

Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling?
Ma Dong-Wook | Source: Fandom

It is located and in charge or the Honam region along with the Knights Guild. Their guild members mostly play the role of a tank.

4. Hunters Guild

Hunters Guild is the best South Korean guild and the only one to have two S-rank hunters, i.e., Cha Hae-In and Choi Jong-In.

They are located in the Seoul Metropolitan area, which is also the grounds for the White Tiger Guild and Reaper Guild.

Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling?
Cha Hae-In | Source: Fandom

Sung Jin-Woo participated in this guild’s raid by acting as a miner. Later on, he managed to save them from a terrible predicament, all the while getting a new high orc shadow.

Some other notable members of this guild are Son Ki-Hoon, Gina, Yoon Jung-Ho, and Suzuki.

3. Draw Sword Guild

Third on our list is the Draw Sword Guild, lead by the S-rank Japanese hunter, Goto Ryuji.

With 11 S-rank hunters, this guild is the second largest in Asia and completely outclasses the previous ones. It is so large that they take tasks from other countries.

Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling?
Goto Ryuji | Source: Fandom

The guild members acted as the antagonists in the Chimera Ant arc of the novel, and manhwa.

Due to the Ant King’s sudden appearance, more than half of their force was wiped out, including Goto Ryuji. Despite that, they still have more than 5 S-rank hunters in their guild as of now.

2. Scavenger Guild

Scavenger Guild is the largest guild in the USA and has the most number of S-Rank hunters worldwide.

The main reason it is placed second is that the guild is headed by a National level hunter, Thomas Andre.

Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling?
Thomas Andre | Source: Fandom

Hwang Dong-Su, a minor antagonist in the series, was also a member of this guild before his death.

During the Yoo Jin-Ho abduction arc, this guild was completely defeated by Sung Jin-Woo alone.

1. Ahjin Guild

Sung Jin Woo’s Ahjin Guild is the strongest guild in Solo Leveling. After becoming an S-rank hunter, Jin-Woo, along with Yoo Jin-Ho, registered and created it to mainly help the former level up quickly.

Is Ahjin the Strongest Guild in Solo Leveling?
Sung Jin Woo | Source: Fandom

While almost being named Solo-Play guild, thanks to Jin-Ha, it got its current name.

The Ahjin guild, despite being the strongest, only has three members, out of which the only one who clears the gates is Jin-Woo.

It is ranked first despite only having one active member because just Jin-Woo’s strength is enough to absolutely wreck all others on this list.


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