Intel Adds 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake Support to the Latest Media Driver API  

Intel is launching its 13th gen “Raptor Lake-S” and “Raptor Lake-P” CPUs for desktop and mobile respectively in fall 2022. Even though Intel has kept tight lips regarding the CPUs, a new media driver has been released which now supports Intel’s 13th Gen core series. 

Intel Media Driver is the API used for decoding, encoding, and post-processing for Intel GPUs. Intel Media Driver 2022Q2 release updates the library to version 22.4.4 which adds support for Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs. Another key improvement of the update is that HDR10 support has been added. HVS support has also been added in the driver update. 

Intel Adds 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake Support To The Latest Media Driver API
Intel Media Driver 2022Q2

This is the first step Intel has taken for its new platform enablement for its next-gen CPUs. We already saw previews showcasing that Raptor Lake CPUs might have up to 50% better performance compared to Alder Lake. With more cores than ever before and Efficient Thermal Velocity Boosting, Team Blue’s next-gen CPU lineup is looking strong. 

The desktop S-series CPUs are expected to launch this October while very little information is available for the mobile P-series which were rumored to launch in late 2022. The Raptor Lake S-series for desktops will support DDR5-5600 memory, providing better speed than the Alder Lake series. 

The Raptor Lake CPUs will have the combination of both Raptor Cove high-performance P-cores and Gracemont high-efficiency E-cores that will provide much better performance as well as efficiency. The silicon will be based on the 10 nm design that Intel has used in Alder Lake as well, a contrast to AMD’s 5 nm-based processors. 

Intel is retaining the same sockets used in Alder Lake CPUs, the LGA 1700 for desktops. On the other hand, AMD is moving to its new AM5 sockets, an improvement from the AM4 platform used before. DDR4 compatibility is one advantage that Intel CPUs will have over AMD, as they have chosen to feature only DDR5 support this time.  

Intel Adds 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake Support To The Latest Media Driver API
Intel Alder Lake

Till now, both AMD and Intel’s upcoming CPUs look impressive and users wanting to buy a new one should not have much longer to wait. 

Intel Raptor Lake CPUs arrive in Q4 2022, a few months after AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPU series which is set to launch in Q3 2022. Intel is also entering the GPU market this year with its Arc Alchemist lineup, although they have not been as impressive compared to AMD and NVIDIA’s upcoming next-gen graphic cards.  

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Incorporated in Delaware, Intel ranked No. 46 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

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