Intel Core i7-13700K & i5-13600K Tests Show Impressive Multi-Threaded Performance

Intel is preparing its 13th gen Raptor Lake CPU lineup launching in fall 2022. Leaks and benchmarks are appearing left and right as the launch comes closer, and now we have another leak for Core i7-13700K 16-core CPU and Core i5-13600K 14-core CPU.  

Extreme Player, who reviewed the Core i9-13900K earlier this month, has tested both the CPUs, which are part of the Raptor Lake-S desktop lineup featuring a hybrid configuration of Raptor Cove (Performance) and Gracemont (Efficient) architectures. 

The primary upgrade that Raptor Lake processors offer over their Alder Lake predecessors is the increased Efficient core count from 4 to 8 for each part. Furthermore, Raptor Lake models have higher boost clocks featuring an increase of up to 400 MHz for the i7 SKU (max boost 5.4 GHz) and 300 MHz for i5 (max boost 5.2 GHz).  

And if that wasn’t enough, both parts have increased (doubled) L2 cache over Alder Lake SKUs, and they support faster DDR5 memory out of the box. 

This comprehensive review compares the Raptor lake 13700K and 13600K parts with 12700K and 12600K. Each processor has been tested in two ASRock Steel Legend Z690 motherboards, one with DDR5-6400 and the other with DDR4-3200 memory. Noza P900 1TB PCle 4.0 SSD and an RTX 3090 Ti were used for the tests. 

Intel Core i7-13700K & i5-13600K Tests Show Impressive Multi-Threaded Performance
Intel 13700K CPU-Z Bench
Intel Core i7-13700K & i5-13600K Tests Show Impressive Multi-Threaded Performance
Intel 13600K CPU-Z Bench

The CPU-Z tests show that the i7-13700K sees a 10% boost in single-thread and 32-34% better score in multi-threaded tests than its predecessor. The i5-13600K, on the other hand, has a 5% better score in single-thread and a 39-41% uplift in multi-threaded test, respectively. 

That trend continues in Geekbench, with the Raptor Lake Core i7 SKU outdoing its previous-generation counterpart by up to 8% in single-threaded workloads and 40% in multi-threaded performance. Geekbench and CPU-Z both don’t load the CPU for long enough. Hence, they are not ideal indicators of how a CPU would perform under sustained load.  

So, when we look at the Cinebench R23 tests, the Intel Core i7-13700K outclasses the Core i7-12700K by 10% in the single-core test and by up to 28% in the multi-core test. The Core i5-13600K posts similar results with a 5% and 38% improvement over the Core i5-12600K.  

Benchmark Core i7-12700KF DDR4-3600  Core i7-12700KF DDR5-5200 Core i7-13700K DDR4-3600 Core i7-13700K DDR5-5200 
CPU-Z – Single Thread 100% 99.67% 110.12% 110.14% 
CPU-Z – Multi Thread 100% 99.68% 132.84% 134.11% 
7-Zip – Compress MB/s 100% 140.51% 103.10% 164.84% 
7-Zip – Decompress MB/s 100% 99.98% 138.70% 137.66% 
7-Zip – Total MB/s 100% 116.12% 124.52% 148.48% 
Geekbench – Single Thread 100% 99.74% 108.85% 107.76% 
Geekbench – Multi Thread 100% 114.45% 120.82% 144.70% 
Cinebench R20 – Single Thread 100% 100.13% 109.53% 109.26% 
Cinebench R20 – Multi Thread 100% 99.80% 122.90% 128.01% 
Benchmark Core i5-12600K DDR4-3600  Core i5-12600K DDR5-5200 Core i5-13600K DDR4-3600 Core i5-13600K DDR5-5200 
CPU-Z – Single Thread 100% 100.24% 104.74% 105.50% 
CPU-Z – Multi Thread 100% 99.45% 139.07% 139.79% 
7-Zip – Compress MB/s 100% 124.34% 107.64% 161.48% 
7-Zip – Decompress MB/s 100% 100.77% 143.17% 145.74% 
7-Zip – Total MB/s 100% 111.13% 127.55% 152.66% 
Geekbench – Single Thread 100% 99.42% 105.04% 106.63% 
Geekbench – Multi Thread 100% 110.06% 124.85% 138.90% 
Cinebench R20 – Single Thread 100% 98.64% 105.18% 104.36% 
Cinebench R20 – Multi Thread 100% 99.67% 138.23% 138.41% 

Other tests, such as 3D Mark, 7Zip, Puget bench, and Blender, tell a similar story. This isn’t surprising, given the clock speed increases across both SKUs.  

But there must be some downside to this extra performance, right? The answer is power consumption. With great power comes great performance figures, which is certainly the case with the Raptor Lake processors. 

Intel Core i7-13700K & i5-13600K Tests Show Impressive Multi-Threaded Performance

The Core i7-13700K drew as much as 244 Watts of power from the wall while the Core i5-13600K went as high as 177 Watts, both of which are significantly higher than the 188W and 148W ratings of their predecessors, respectively. It is clear that Raptor Lake is quite power hungry and will require beefy cooling.  

These results seem to indicate that the Raptor Lake CPUs are made to provide better multi-threaded performance, contrary to the fact that they were initially supposed to offer higher single-threaded performance.  

The single-threaded performances are just slightly higher in all of the tests, but there is a possibility that these could be the engineering samples that were tested. Hence the actual product could deliver better single-threaded performance as well.  

Intel 13th gen Raptor Lake CPUs will be unveiled sometime in September or October. 

Intel Core i5-13600K CPU Outperforms i9-12900K in Leaked Geekbench Single-Core Test 

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