Intel Arc Range Details Teased: Models, Prices, Dates And More!

The race for the best GPU has ever been headed by Nvidia, with AMD coming at a close second. This might change anytime soon as Intel surfaces again with exciting rumors about their new Arc range GPUs. The compact graphic chips have already stirred the discussion way ahead of their launch.

The new Arc lineup is expected to give tough competition to the upcoming Nvidia’s Lovelace design-based 4000 series and AMD’s RDNA3 architecture-based GPUs.

Twitter user @momomo_us listed several unreleased GPU models in Intel beta drivers. It also showed a total of five graphic card models for desktop PC and mobile, both high-end as well as budget-friendly variants, so every user can find something for themselves.

The specifications and build details are undisclosed as of now. But some of the models to launch are A750, A770, A580, A310, and A580.

One should keep in mind that there have also been rumors of up to seven models in the lineup, so we can expect more than the above list.

The driver, named ‘’ is compatible with the Arc series and other Intel desktop graphics.

Sr. No.Intel Graphics
1Intel ® Iris ® Xe Graphics Family
2Intel ® Iris ® Xe Graphics
3Intel ® UHD Graphics 750
4Intel ® UHD Graphics 730
5Intel ® UHD Graphics p750
6Intel ® Iris ® Xe MAX Graphics Family
7Intel ® Iris ® Xe MAX Graphics
8Intel ® Server GPU SG-18M Family
9Intel ® Server GPU SG-18M
10Intel ® UHD Discrete Graphics
11Intel ® Xe Graphics Family
12Intel ® Xe Graphics
13Intel ® Arc ™ Pro A30M Graphics
14Intel ® Arc ™ Pro A40/A50 Graphics
15Intel ® Arc ™ A370M Graphics Family
16Intel ® Arc ™ A370M Graphics
17Intel ® Arc ™ A350M Graphics Family
18Intel ® Arc ™ A350M Graphics
19Intel ® Arc ™ A380 Graphics Family
20Intel ® Arc ™ A380 Graphics
21Intel ® Arc ™ A310 Graphics Family
22Intel ® Arc ™ A310 Graphics
23Intel ® Arc ™ Xe MAX A200M Graphics Family
24Intel ® Arc ™ Xe MAX A200M Graphics
25Intel ® Arc ™ A770 Graphics Family
26Intel ® Arc ™ A770 Graphics
27Intel ® Arc ™ A750 Graphics Family
28Intel ® Arc ™ A750 Graphics
29Intel ® Arc ™ A580 Graphics Family 
30Intel ® Arc ™ A580 Graphics
31Intel ® Arc ™ A770M Graphics Family
32Intel ® Arc ™ A770M Graphics
33Intel ® Arc ™ A730M Graphics Family
34Intel ® Arc ™ A730M Graphics
35Intel ® Arc ™ A550M Graphics Family
36Intel ® Arc ™ A550M Graphics
37Intel ® UHD Graphics 770
38Intel ® UHD Graphics 710
39Intel ® RaptorLake-S Mobile Graphics Controller
40Intel ® Arc ™ Graphics Family
41Intel ® Arc ™ Graphics

While there has been no official statement from Intel yet, the updated firmware could indicate that the Arc series is coming closer to its launch date.

Some sources have implied the A380 model has a tentative July release date. The A580 and A750 models are expected to launch between 15 May and 30 June. But again, this is just speculation.

Intel Beta Drivers Reveal Unreleased Arc Range Details
Intel Arc

However, all tech geeks can agree that the Intel Arc Range holds a lot of promise, and for all we know, it could reshape the entire graphics card game in the field.

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Incorporated in Delaware, Intel ranked No. 46 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

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