Intel’s Arc Desktop GPU Lineup with Price, Competition, Memory, and TDP Rating Leaked 

Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs are about to arrive in the next few months, yet no official news about the lineup and price range was revealed until now. Now we have an exciting leak that lets us peek at the GPUs’ performance, price, and targeted competitors. The leak came from a slide shared by Intel with its major Taiwanese partners. 

As always, this information could change before the cards release. However, it is highly unlikely as there isn’t much time left before the launch of these Arc GPUs.  

Intel's Arc Desktop GPU Lineup With Price, Competition, Memory, And TDP Rating Leaked
Intel A Series Desktop GPU Lineup

Top-End GPUs 

With A780 out of the picture, A770 is the flagship Alchemist graphics card. The ACM-G10-based GPU will compete with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti and AMD’s Radeon 6650XT in the $300-$399 price range. A770 will consume 225W and feature 16 GB and 8 GB memory variants.  

The TDP rating is slightly higher than NVIDIA’s 200W and AMD’s 180W counterparts. Although, both of them feature only 8 gigs of vRAM, so that might be the reason. 

As reported earlier, A750 will use a cut-down version of the ACM-G10 chip and will have the same listed TDP of 225W. This GPU, however, will only come with 8 GB vRAM. A750 will take on NVIDIA RTX 3060 and AMD RX 6600 at a sub-$350 price range.  

Intel's Arc Desktop GPU Lineup With Price, Competition, Memory, And TDP Rating Leaked
Intel Arc A750

We recently saw the A750 outperform RTX 3060 in a few games, so it is possible that the GPU can reach its targeted level with the right software tweaks.

Keep in mind that the power consumption gap increases a lot here as the 170W and 132W TDP ratings of NVIDIA and AMD, respectively, are substantially less. 

The Mid-Range A580 

It was still unclear if the mid-range segment would consist of A550, A580, or both. It seems that A580 will be the only Intel GPU featured in this segment with a $200-$249 price range. The A580 will target performance levels of RTX 3050 and AMD RX 6400/6500XT.  

It will consume 175W of power and come with an impressive 8GB memory, which isn’t expected at this price range. These features and price point will establish the A580 as the conventional GPU for most gamers. The disappointing fact is that both NVIDIA and AMD’s competing cards have a much lower TDP rating, 130W, and 107W, respectively. 

Entry-level 300-series GPUs 

Intel’s entry-level segment will feature the already released (in China) A380 and the recently spotted A310. Both of them feature the same 75W TDP rating, however, there is a difference in memory as the A380 features 6GB while A310 comes with a lesser 4GB.  

Intel's Arc Desktop GPU Lineup With Price, Competition, Memory, And TDP Rating Leaked
Intel Arc A380 GPU

A380 will target GTX 1650 with a stated price range of $100-$199. A310, on the other hand, will compete against the GTX 1050/1050 Ti at a <$99 price point. As the GTX 1050/1050 Ti is out of production, A310 will have to compete with the recently released GTX 1630

The low-end segment is where Intel can really outshine its competitors, as not only does it feature a lower power rating and a higher vRAM number, the prices are much lower as well. 

The A380 is supposed to be launched in the US at $135, which is considerably lower than the $190 price of GTX 1650.  

However, the A380 model released in China showed slightly lower performance levels than RX 6400 and GTX 1650. These results should, in theory, be better by the time the GPU launches in the US market with software improvements. 

A310 costing under $99 is by far the most impressive information on this slide as it costs much less than the $139 GTX 1050 Ti and the $169 GTX 1630. This should be the number one choice for users opting for a budget GPU if the performance levels are also impressive. 

The major selling point of Intel’s first-ever discrete desktop GPU lineup should be the lower price point compared to their counterparts. The performance levels can still be improved as Intel is focusing on software optimizations for these cards, citing it as the main reason for their delay. The official launch date of the cards is still unknown. 

RUMORED Desktop Intel ARC Alchemist Series Specifications GPU Xe Cores Memory Size MSRP 
Arc A770 ACM-G10   32   16GB & 8GB  $349-$399 
Arc A750 ACM-G10   24   8GB  $279-$349 
Arc A580 ACM-G10   16   8GB  $200-$249 
Arc A380 ACM-G11   8   6GB  ~$139 
Arc A310 ACM-G11   4   4GB  <$99 
Intel ARC GPUs lose up to 15% performance without Advanced Performance Optimizations

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