Intel Arc A770 to Come with 16 GB Memory, While the A750 Will Feature 8 GB 

After multiple delays, Intel has given the green light, and the company states that it has started receiving the Arc A770 and A750 with packaging in their offices. This hence starts the final testing phase of the graphics cards, and the launch is closer than ever.  

 Intel Arc A770 To Come With 16 GB Memory, While The A750 Will Feature 8 GB
Intel Arc A750

The drivers may still not be in their best state, although they should improve by the time sample testing by the press is started. 

Intel also confirmed that the GPUs will be arriving to winners of their Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt this summer.  

 Intel Arc A770 To Come With 16 GB Memory, While The A750 Will Feature 8 GB
Intel Update on Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt Top 300 Prizes

The Intel Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt started last year on 27th October 2021 and ran through 31st January 2022. The event was based on finding clues scattered across the web and submitting the correct answers.  

Intel stated that there would be 300 winners who will be getting their upcoming Arc Alchemist A-Series graphics cards before they are even available. 

Fans were getting impatient as the announcement went through multiple days. But now, finally, Intel announced on its Intel’s Insiders Community discord that the top 300 winners will be getting the Arc GPU this summer. 

The Top 100 winners will get the Intel Arc A770 16 GB Graphics card with custom RGB. 

Intel Arc A770 To Come With 16 GB Memory, While The A750 Will Feature 8 GB
Intel Arc A770

While winners ranked 101-300 will receive the Intel Arc 750 8 GB Graphics card. 

Intel Arc A770 To Come With 16 GB Memory, While The A750 Will Feature 8 GB
Intel Arc A750

Intel Arc A770 Rumored Specifications 

The Intel Arc A770 will utilize the flagship ACM-G10 GPU and is one of the top-end variants for desktop PCs equipped with the full ACM-G10 configuration, utilizing 32 Xe-Cores for 4096 ALUs, and 32 ray tracing units.  

In terms of clock speed, the GPU should operate at a peak boost of 2.4 GHz. At 2400 MHz, the GPU should be able to deliver close to 20 TFLOPs of FP32 horsepower. The card also features 16 GB of GDDR6 memory across a 256-bit bus interface.  

The graphics card is expected to be sandwiched between the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 in terms of performance. 

Intel Arc A750 Rumored Specifications 

A750 will use a cut-down version of the ACM-G10 chip and will have the same listed TDP of 225W. This GPU, however, will only come with 8 GB vRAM. A750 will take on NVIDIA RTX 3060 and AMD RX 66002..   

We recently saw the A750 outperform RTX 3060 in a few games, so it is possible that the GPU can reach its targeted level with the right software tweaks. It will provide performance levels comparable to RTX 3060 and Radeon 6600. 

Last week Intel was busy showing off their Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards to the YouTubers, but those showcases lacked details, such as graphics card specs. Although this has been rumored for a while, this information confirms that the Arc A770 will feature a 16GB configuration, and Arc A750 will come with 8GB memory. 

Just recently, it was speculated that the Arc 770 will be a price killer and will cost under $400. A750 will also be in the sub $350 range

Intel’s Arc Desktop GPU Lineup with Price, Competition, Memory, and TDP Rating Leaked 

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