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Insomniacs After School Inspires Dreamy Anime and Live-Action Film

Insomniacs After School is a wholesome series by Makoto Ojir that depicts two students who find solace in each other.

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Both of them are insomniacs, but the manga doesn’t just revolve around their condition. It also sheds light on the beautiful moments they share.

The eighth compiled volume of the manga was released on January 12, and it revealed a piece of pleasant news. The Insomniacs After School Manga is inspiring an anime adaptation. In addition to the anime, the series will also receive a live-action film.

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“Mr. Takagi (14) who is good at teasing” Mitsufumi Inaba / Soichiro Yamamoto

“Mr. Takagi (17) who is good at teasing” Soichiro Yamamoto

“Insomniacs After School (8)” Makoto Ojiro

“Disqualification from another world (6)” Takuhiro Wakamatsu / Hiroshi Noda

Included with special benefits “paper”

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Although no trailer or visual has been revealed yet, you can still watch a promotional video released for the manga’s seventh volume.

君は放課後インソムニア スペシャルアニメーションPV
You are after school Insomnia special animation PV

The lovely short teaser shows the precious moments between Ganta and Isaki, the two protagonists. From encountering each other in a forgotten corner of the school to discovering themselves more, both the kids have a long journey ahead of them.

It is a beautiful school life manga that shows the lives of two individuals who get inevitably connected to each other. Ganta always comes off as irritable to others, but only Isaki knows that it’s because of his lack of sleep.

Soon, they realize that they are comfortable around each other and can sleep in peace in their own corner in the school.

Will the anime do justice to this incredible manga? I hope that the studio which picks it up doesn’t miss out on its dreamy vibe.

About Insomniacs After School

Insomniacs After School manga by Makoto Ojiro started serialization in the Big Comic Spirits magazine in May 2019.

The manga focuses on two school students, Ganta and Isaki. Both of them have insomnia, and Ganta walks in on Isaki’s secret spot in school where she can sleep peacefully.

Ganta and Isaki become quick friends and start being with each other often as they find solace in the other person.

Source: Insomniacs After School’s eighth manga volume

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