Unlock all faction characters in XDefiant – Cleaners, Phantoms, Libertad & more

Ubisoft’s XDefiant has several factions– Cleaners, Phantoms, Libertad, Echelon, and DedSec. Every faction is inspired by a different Ubisoft series and has three unique characters. Players can immediately play with a representative from a faction, but you will need to complete certain tasks to unlock the rest. Read more to find out how to unlock every character in XDefiant.


XDefiant Cleaners | Source: YouTube
De RosaAutomatically unlocked
GreenComplete 50 kills with the Incinerator Drone
KerseyComplete 50 kills with the Firebomb

These Division agent antagonists and ex-NYC sanitation workers solve all of their problems with one tool: fire. Cleaners specialize in area denial.

The Cleaners are former sanitation workers who took charge after the Dollar Flu Virus outbreak. Headed by Manhattan’s sanitation supervisor, Joe Ferro, the group aims to eliminate threats by incinerating anything and anyone suspected of carrying the contagious virus.


XDefiant Phantoms | Source: YouTube
GorgonBlock 10,000 damage with Mag Barrier
RhinoComplete 25 kills with the Blitz Shield
SingaAutomatically unlocked

Also known as Shadow Team, this elite squad of ex-Ghosts wields tomorrow’s battlefield tech to defend, disrupt, and destroy.

The Phantoms are a secret group acting against Ghost Recon. They are masters of the battlefield, using deployed and personal shields to hold down points. 


XDefiant Libertad | Source: YouTube
BetoHeal 5,000 health points to allies using BioVida Boost
IseldaAutomatically unlocked
SelesteHeal 5,000 health points to allies using El Remedio

These resourceful revolutionaries fight to free their Caribbean nation of Yara. They’re supremo at improvised medical assistance.

Libertad is a rebel group in Yara with an objective of eliminating the fascist Castillo regime. Led by Clara Garcia and later Dani Rojas, the guerilla movement is dedicated to bringing peace and free elections to Yara. 


XDefiant Echelon | Source: YouTube
MaleeAutomatically unlocked
RafaGet 50 assists using Intel Suit
SamirComplete 100 kills with the Digital Ghillie Suit

The NSA’s Echelon agents don’t shy away from a firefight, but they’d rather keep enemies in the dark with subterfuge and info warfare.

The Echelon was a top-secret group equivalent to the Special Forces. They are tasked with carrying out important tasks in vulnerable areas to maintain peace and order. The operatives are known for ambushing their enemies.


XDefiant DedSec | Source: YouTube
GiaComplete 50 kills or assists with Spiderbot
JingComplete 100 kills with DedSec characters

Notorious hacktivists who rely on backdoor exploits and denial-of-service attacks to frustrate foes and corps alike.

DedSec is a notorious collective of hackers with members present in every city around the world. The group works tirelessly to expose the corruption and wrongdoings. They are opposed to the implementation of the Central Operating System (CtOS). By hacking into the systems, they plan to highlight its weaknesses and flaws. 

That’s all you need to know about unlocking every faction character in XDefiant.

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About XDefiant

XDefiant is a free-to-play, fast-paced arena shooter that combines intense gunplay with personalized loadouts and specialized factions, as teams of gunfighters battle for domination.

Being developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, this game is having a strong set of 13 maps and 4 game modes, as announced yet. It has drawn heavy inspiration from other Ubisoft titles like Far Cry 6.

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