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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Easy Guide to Unlock/Beat 7 Star Raid

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV) currently has 7 Raid Battles that you can play, in the form of Tera Raid Battles, built around the Terastal phenomenon. 

The 7 Star Raid Battles are special event Raid Battles held over the Poke Portal which can be accessed through the Mystery Gift in-game feature. These are the highest level of Tera Raids available in Pokemon SV – and the only way of capturing a special Charizard with a Dragon Tera typing!

To unlock an active 7 Star Tera Raid, complete the main storyline, defeat all 8 gym leaders and the Elite 4, complete the Zero Gate storyline, defeat the gym leaders again, win the Ace Tournament, beat 5-10 of the 5 Star Tera Raids, and interact with the Black Crystals. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock 7 Star Tera Raids

This method to unlock the 7 Star Tera Raid Battles is exactly the same as that of unlocking the 6 Star Raids

So, if you’ve already unlocked the 6 Star Tera Raids, you should automatically be able to access the 7 Star Raids – if the special events are currently on. 

I. Complete Main Storyline

Pokemon SV has 3 paths to its main storyline and you have to finish all of them to access 6 and 7 Raid Battles. 

Complete Path of Legends, Starfall Street, and Victory Road. This means beat all opposing Pokemon, trainers, and gym leaders, and collect all 8 gym badges. 

You then have to beat the Elite 4, after which you’ll make it to the Hall of Fame. 

II. Complete Post-Game Storyline

From the Hall of Fame, make your way down to Zero Gate, which is the post-credit storyline. 

III. Rematch with Gym Leaders

Once you’re through with the game and post-game storylines, you’ll unlock all the gyms available to be beaten again.

In the Hall of Fame, to test your mettle, you’ll be told that you have to defeat all 8 gym leaders once more. 

IV. Win Ace Tournament

After beating the gym leaders for the second time, you need to enter the Ace Academy Tournament and win. 

A lot of people skip this and aren’t able to unlock the 6 and 7 Star Raids, so remember to go through the tournament.

V. Complete More 5 Star Raids

Go to the Raid Dens and finish about 10 5 Star Raids. Some people have even done a few 4 Star Raids along with 5 Star (you can do 6 5 Star Raids and 4 Star Raids) to unlock the higher-tier raids. 

You don’t have to host these raids for them to count. Just make sure you win a minimum of 10. You can also use the Portal to help find these raids. Online raids count, too!

(Note, some players have noticed that even after completing 10 raids the 6/7 Star Raids do not unlock. In this case, try hosting a raid.)

VI. Answer Call from Professor Jacq

You will receive a call from Jacq as soon as you’ve done enough low-tier raids. Jacq will tell you that the Great Crater of Paldea has been releasing large quantities of Terastal energy that’s been turning the crystals black. 

The Tera Pokemon found at these Black Crystals are the most powerful ones you’ll have ever encountered. 

This is why it’s necessary to complete so many steps to access the 7 Star Tera Pokemon.

VII. Interact with the Special Black Crystals

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Easy Guide to Unlock/Beat 7 Star Raid
Special Black Crystal  | Source: Official Website

The Black Crystals look the same for 6 and 7 Star Raids but one way to tell them out is that the 7 Star special event raids will have Black Crystals with a multi-colored rainbow aura around them.

If you’re looking for them on the map, they have a white glow around them. 

How to defeat and catch 7 Star Raid Boss Charizard? 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Easy Guide to Unlock/Beat 7 Star Raid
Unrivaled Charizard Status | Source: Official Website

Your best bet to defeat Dragon Charizard is a Fairy-type Pokemon or Pokemon with strong Fairy attacks, since Fairy is immune to Dragon moves. Bringing a Water-Fairy type would be ideal since Charizard has many Fire-type attacks. 

The current 7 Star Tera Raid Battle is a Dragon Tera Raid. This is the second Tera Raid Battle event, featuring Unrivaled Charizard, who is the 7 Star Raid Boss.

This special Charizard is a Dragon-Tera type with a level of 100 and comes with the Mightiest Mark for defeating it.

You can challenge this Charizard as a group (multiplayer) or alone. Defeating it alone is almost impossible, so try and team up as and when you can. 

Important thing to note is that you can only successfully complete the 7 Star Raid if you defeat Unrivaled Charizard within the stipulated time limit. 

Examples of good Pokemon against Tera Charizard include Azumarill, Sylveon, Dachsbun, Eileen. Whichever Pokemon you choose make sure they are at least above level 95. 

Once you defeat Charizard (it’s going to take you a while), you can capture it. This special Charizard can be caught only once per save data. 

Unfortunately, Charizard is not native to Paldea, so you’ll have to wait until there are other events or for DLC content to encounter it again. 

Why can’t I find the 7 Star Raid?

The 7 Star Tera Raid is a special event with only specific periods in which it is active. Currently, the Unrivaled Charizard 7 Star Raid will only be active till December 18, 2022, 3:59 p.m. PST.

Keep checking the Mystery Gift Portal News for announcements regarding the next special raid event. 

If the raids still aren’t popping up, ensure you are on the latest game update. 

About Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Game

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are role-playing games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. The game released on November 18, 2022, and marks the beginning of the ninth generation in the Pokemon Franchise.

Introducing 107 new pokemon and an open-world landscape, the game takes place in the Paldea region. Players can choose from three separate stories. The game also introduces a new feature – Terastal phenomenon, which allows players to change the type of pokemon and transform them into their Tera Type.

The game has sold over 10 million units in the first three days of its release.


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