A Challenge From The Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla

Before Eivor could take down King Alfred or even march the Raven Clan towards victory, Eivor’s journey to England urged them to participate in Mastery Challenges to test their skills in combat. These Mastery Challenges, presented by a mysterious woman, are part of A Challenge from the Gods mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

A Challenge from the Gods mission triggers immediately when Eivor is in England. Granted, you have a power level of 221 and above; the task will mark its location automatically in England. All you have to do is follow the marker and get to the mission location to start. If you’re struggling to figure out this lengthy mission, don’t worry; here’s a guide to help you out!

A Challenge From The Gods Mission Location

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
A Challenge From the Gods

A Challenge From the Gods mission is located in the eastern part of Eivor’s settlement in Ravensthorpe. The exact location will be marked on the map, and you’ll be able to get to it following your marker guide.

Once you are near the location, you will see a strange light falling from the sky; you have to follow the fallen meteor and get to the hill to investigate it.

How To Solve A Challenge From The Gods Quest In AC Valhalla?

Compared to other challenges and missions in AC Valhalla, A Challenge From the Gods is a lengthy task that you need to complete to increase your combat skills. Here are the steps you need to follow to complete this quest.

I. Investigate The Crash Site And Talk To The Mysterious Woman

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Talk With The Mysterious Woman

Once the mission starts, Eivor will see a ball of fire fall and try to investigate it. Upon searching the area, you will find a mysterious woman named Hildiran who will inform you that the site is a shrine for Frejya. She will also notify you of the challenges you need to go through if you want the Gods’ favor.

After having a chat, Hildiran will join your settlement in Ravensthorpe and set up her shop there. You can approach her once again if you visit her shop.

II. Talk To Hildiran In The Settlement And Defeat Her Twice

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Talk To Hildiran

After you reach your settlement and approach Hildiran, she will challenge you to the first phase of your battle.

In the first phase, she will dodge your attacks and strike swiftly. So it would be best if you parried her when she attacks instead of attacking first. You will not have any weapons or special abilities to use in the first phase of the battle, so you should heal while you fight. Hildiran has a health of 477 in the first stage.

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Second Hildiran Fight

After you’ve defeated Hildiran once, the world will shift into a mythical land filled with fires and rocks. Hildiran will take the form of Goddess Frejya and fight you. One good thing is that you will have a weapon and shield to fight her, but you will not be able to heal.

Finally, a defeated Hildiran will instruct you to meditate at a shrine where your first mastery challenge lies.

III. Meditate At The Shrine

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Meditate At The Shrine

The shrine you need to head to next is located near Hill Gate Remnants in the region of Sciropescire. This shrine, a.k.a Wenlocan Outpost, will serve as a Mastery Challenge starting point. When you start meditating in front of Frejya’s statue, you will see a new menu pop up.

This menu indicates the different challenges you can attempt to hone your skills. The Wenlock Outpost has one Bear Mastery Challenge, one Wolf Mastery Challenge, and one Raven Mastery challenge.

  • Bear Mastery Challenge – Tests the brute strength of players and involves a hand-to-hand combat-oriented fight.
  • Wolf Mastery Challenge – Tests players’ shooting skills by giving a bow and arrows oriented mission to eliminate enemies.
  • Raven Mastery Challenge – Test players’ assassination skills by giving a stealth-oriented mission where players must remain anonymous and sneak kill their way to victory.

You can select any one of the challenges as a trial and start the tutorial.

IV. Finish The Trials

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Finish The Trials

Once you start any trial, you need to complete the set objective depending on what trial you choose. The trails are as follows:

  • Trial of the Bear – (300 / 600 / 1000) – Kill all the targets 0/4.
  • Trial of the Wolf – (300 / 600 / 1000) – Eliminate all the guards.
  • Trial of the Raven – (300 / 600 / 1000) – Steal all the artifacts 0/4.

Depending on your score, you can get zero to three Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals in each trial.

V. Collect Medals

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla

You need to collect at least three Bronze medals if you want to complete Hildiran’s mission. Once you collect the medals, you can go back to Hildiran and show her your awards.

The Mastery Challenges also lets you collect energy which can be used as a currency to buy items in Hildiran’s shop. There are a total of two types of energies available:

  • Battle Energy – 10 points for each medal.
  • Mastery Energy – 2 for the silver medal, 4 for the gold medal.

VI. Return To Hildiran

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Return To Hildiran

After finishing the trial and successfully collecting all the medals, you can now report back to Hildiran. This will prompt the mission’s completion, and you will be able to move on to the next quest.

How To Get Mastery Challenge Medals Easily?

To get every medal in each of the Mastery Challenges in Wenlocan Outpost, you need to focus on the damage points you collect during each challenge. Here are the details:

I. Wolf Mastery Challenge

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Wolf Mastery Challenge

In this challenge you need to shoot enemies with bow and arrows. If you want to get the Gold Medal you need to get a total of 1000 points in the challenge. To get all points try to get the Indirect kills (worth 720 points, 30 per kill), and Eliminate all the guards (280 points).

To get indirect kills you need to shoot the oil pots near your enemies to set them on fire.

Just a tip- Light your arrows on fire by touching the lit braziers before shooting. If you miss and the guards are alerted, you can try the challenge once again.

II. Bear Mastery Challenge

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Bear Mastery Challenge

In this challenge you need to use melee weapons and attack enemies using your brute strength. To get a 1000 points for Gold Medal try to focus on Fall damage kills (worth 480 points, 40 per kill), Melee kills (worth 360 points, 45 per kill), and Kill all the targets (worth 160 points, 40 per kill).

To get the fall damage kills, climb up the suspended wooden platform and parry/hit your enemies till they go to the edge of the platform. Then just push them off the edge with a strike. After that you can focus on the rest of the enemies and use your melee weapon to perform melee kills.

Just a tip- Focus on one type of point scoring and once you’ve collected all the points from that action, move on to the next.

III. Raven Mastery Challenge

A Challenge From the Gods – Full Mission Walkthrough -AC Valhalla
Raven Mastery Challenge

In this challenge you need to use your assassination skills to your advantage. To get 1000 points for the Gold Medal focus on Assassinations (worth 702 points, 54 points per kill), try to remain anonymous (worth 198 points), and Steal all the artifacts (100 points, 25 per artifact).

Assassination is rather easy and you can casually sneak behind enemies and assassinate them. Remain anonymous means you cannot alert any enemies and you will have to steal the artifacts scattered in the Wenlocan Outpost to gather the points.

Just a tip- Use the suspended platforms and tall grass to your advantage and balance on ropes to perform assassination dives onto enemies.

A Challenge From the Gods mission’s end will mark other Mastery Challenge locations which you can attempt. It will also trigger the start of The Cryptic Tutelage of Hildiran quest where Hildiran will once again return to test Eivor’s battle skills.

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