How to reach the Abyssal Woods in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC?

If you thought Elden Ring was boundless and expansive, wait till you explore the dark and unsettling lands in Shadow of the Erdtree. Don’t be fooled by the size of this DLC, there exist places one could have conjured up in a sickly feverish dream. Speaking of ominous locations, fancy a trip to the Abyssal Woods?

How to get to the Abyssal Woods?

At the east of the Gravesite Plain. A thick forest sprawls at the depths of the ravine that is untouched even by sunlight. Known as the sanctum of Sage Midra, and is a region forbidden by the hornsent.

Before we begin our journey, remember that there’s no turning back.

Abyssal Woods
Abyssal Woods | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Begin at the Ruins of Unte. It should be tucked away behind an apparition of a wall. 

At the Specimen Storehouse, First Floor Site of Grace, get into the elevator and go towards the main gate of the Shadow Keep. You will encounter a Fire Knight on the way. You can either defeat him in battle or hurry past riding atop your trusty steed Torrent.

Next, take a left turn to where the golden boats are. There should be a ladder to your left. Descend down the ladder to go underground. Walk into the waterfall and you will enter a secret room. 

How to get to the Abyssal Woods?
How to get to the Abyssal Woods? | Source: In-Game Screenshot

There should be another ladder in front of you. Go down again and follow the pathway. You will soon come across a room decorated with the “Domain of Dragons” painting. 

On the wall behind you, there will be a “fake” wall between two torches. Attack the wall with a sword to reveal a hallway.

Proceed forward to find a stone coffin. It will take you to the Castle Watering Hole Site of Grace. Next, head southeast along the rockface. Keep going ahead until you reach a crossing.

Stone Coffin
Stone Coffin | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Continue your journey until you reach the Recluses’ River Upstream Site of Grace. At the edge of the cliff, there will be several gravestones leading all the way down to the bottom of the waterfall. 

Gravestones | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Carefully, make your way down using the gravestones as a support until you reach the bottom of the cliff. Head inside the woods to your right and locate the entrance to the Darklight Catacombs

Darklight Catacombs
Darklight Catacombs | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Move ahead and you will soon encounter Jori, Elder Inquisitor.

Jori, Elder Inquisitor
Jori, Elder Inquisitor | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Defeat him to receive the following: 

  • 260,000 Runes
  • Barbed-Staff Spear
Barbed-Staff Spear
Barbed-Staff Spear | Source: In-Game Screenshot

After you have successfully conquered the battle against Jori, Elder Inquisitor, you can enter the Abyssal Woods. 

Keep in mind, Torrent cannot be summoned in this area.

Torrent cannot be summoned
Torrent cannot be summoned | Source: In-Game Screenshot

Tread lightly or lose yourself in the Realm of Shadow.

Site of Grace Locations

Here are the Sites of Grace located in Abyssal Woods: 

  • Abyssal Woods 
Abyssal Woods
Abyssal Woods | Source: In-Game Screenshot
  • Divided Falls
Divided Falls
Divided Falls | Source: In-Game Screenshot
  • Forsaken Graveyard
Forsaken Graveyard
Forsaken Graveyard | Source: In-Game Screenshot
  • Woodland Trail
Woodland Trail
Woodland Trail | Source: In-Game Screenshot
  • Church Ruins
Church Ruins
Church Ruins | Source: In-Game Screenshot
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About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a major title released by FromSoftware in 2022, the developers of Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and the Dark Souls franchise. Set in the ‘Lands Between’,  players are on a quest to repair the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord.

Shadow of the Erdtree is a full-fledged expansion for Elden Ring added in June 2024. It is a whole new map with new Weapons, Sorceries, Ashes, and Craftables. It is a challenging DLC and as players continue to explore the map, they find surprises and easter eggs left by the developers every day.



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