Easy Guide to Play the Dishonored Series in Order – What to play first? 

Arkane Studios created something special with the Dishonored series. Dishonored quickly became one of the most celebrated stealth action-adventure series after its release.  

The series received critical acclaim and has won several awards across three standalone releases. The best thing about playing Dishonored is that you don’t have to follow multiple orders in order to play the games in a natural flow. Both the chronological and the release order for the Dishonored series are same.  

There’s only one definitive order to play the entire Dishonored series, which spans across three standalone games and a couple of expansions.  

1. The Definitive Order to Play the Dishonored Series: 

Easy Guide to Play the Dishonored Series in Order - What to play first?
Dishonored: Death of an Outsider (2017)

The definitive order to play the Dishonored series would be either its chronological or its release order which, in this case, are the same. This order will help you get the complete Dishonored story along with added lore from the DLCs.  

If you want to play the Dishonored series in order, then follow the list below: 

  • Dishonored (2012)  
  • Dishonored DLC: The Knife of Dunwall (2013)  
  • Dishonored DLC: The Brigmore Witches (2013) 
  • Dishonored 2 (2016)  
  • Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (2017)  

2. Which Dishonored game should you play first?  

Easy Guide to Play the Dishonored Series in Order - What to play first?
Dishonored 1 (2012)

Dishonored 1 should be the first Dishonored game you play to start the series. There is a continued plot from the first game and its DLC chapters that carries over as a major focus into Dishonored 2’s plot. 

Dishonored 1 follows Corvo, a bodyguard for a queen who is accused of murdering her. He breaks out of prison and begins a mission to reveal who is behind the conspiracy as well as to rescue the princess, Emily, who has been taken, a political prisoner. Originally, Corvo was a “silent character” until the developers retconned him into talking.  

3. Do you have to play the Dishonored DLCs?  

Easy Guide to Play the Dishonored Series in Order - What to play first?
Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC (2013)

Not exactly, as they aren’t a must-play for the Dishonored series. You’ll understand the entire series just fine without playing any of the DLCs. However, if you do make up your mind to play the DLCs, then you’ll get more out of the Dishonored trilogy.  

The Dishonored DLCs will help you find out how certain characters fit into the world and appreciate the overall series. They’ll give you more insight into the characters and the world of Dishonored and provide more lore.  

4. Do you need to play the Dishonored series in order?  

Easy Guide to Play the Dishonored Series in Order - What to play first?
Dishonored 2 (2016) 

Of course not. You can start the series with any Dishonored game you want. However, it is worth noting that you’ll find things more explained if you have played the previous Dishonored title, which is obvious for any gaming series.  

You’ll be able to get a good sense of what’s going on in the game through collectibles such as newspapers, articles, and books, although they aren’t necessary. The game itself does a decent job of telling you what’s happening in the story. Though it is always recommended to play the previous Dishonored title first before moving on to the next one so you understand the story better.  

5. Is Dishonored connected to Deathloop? 

Easy Guide to Play the Dishonored Series in Order - What to play first?
Deathloop (2021)

Bethesda has officially confirmed that two of its gaming series: Dishonored and Deathloop take place in the same universe. Deathloop’s director, Dinga Bakaba confirmed it stating that Deathloop takes place in the same universe as Dishonored, but far into the future after Death of the Outsider, the third Dishonored game.  

Deathloop features a ton of clues, linking it to the Dishonored series and confirming that both take place in the same universe. However, these clues and easter eggs are subtle and players might miss them during their time with the game.  

6. Will there be a fourth Dishonored game?  

Easy Guide to Play the Dishonored Series in Order - What to play first?
Emily Kaldwin & Corvo Attano – Dishonored 2 (2016)

As of now, the Dishonored series might be collecting dust. Whether Arkane Studios is working on the next Dishonored title is something that we cannot confirm currently. The Dishonored series is well-known and critically acclaimed which means that Arkane Studios might pick the series up in the future.  

Arkane Studios is currently working on Redfall, a new first-person shooter about killing Vampires. Xbox and Bethesda held a showcase at E3 2021, where Arkane Studios announced its next game, Redfall which will be an Xbox Series console exclusive. 

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7. About Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

In this second installment of the Dishonored franchise, Empress Emily Kaldwin is overthrown by the gruesome witch, Delilah Copperspoon. You may choose to play as Emily or her royal protector and father, Corvo Attano, as they try to reclaim the throne. 

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