Get More Stamina in New World- Increase/Regenerate Stamina Faster!

Stamina is one of the player’s characteristics, shown as a yellow bar near the health on the bottom of the screen in New World. It is consumed while performing complicated actions like dodging, blocking, or rolling. 

Performing such actions drain up a lot of stamina, leaving the player vulnerable in the middle of combat. Further, blocking also reduces the rate of stamina regeneration. This annoying gameplay feature has left tons of dedicated New World players questioning- Is there a way to increase stamina in New World?

Stamina can be increased or regenerated faster in New World through weapon skills or by wearing jewelry items having stamina perks on them. Players can craft such jewelry items in an Outfitting Station by adding “Horns” in the crafting recipe.

Crafting Jewelry with Stamina perks in New World

To craft jewelry items like amulets, earrings, rings with stamina perks on them:

Step 1: Gather the required ingredients, generally silver ingot and jewels, for the craft.

Step 2: Press M to bring out the map and locate the “Outfitting Station” in a settlement.

Step 3: Approach the station and Press E to start crafting.

Step 4: Select the jewelry you wish to craft from the panel on the left of your screen.

Step 5: Add “Horn” as a special resource to gain stamina perk on the craft.

Step 6: Add Azoth to increase the chance of gaining a perk. (optional)

Step 7: Use the Slider on the right side of your screen to select the quantity of the crafted item.

Step 8: Click the “Craft” option in the bottom right of your screen to craft the item.

Get More Stamina in New World- Increase/Regenerate Stamina Faster!
Amber in New World

This crafting example is a general overview of different crafts required to gain various stamina perks.

Pro Tip: Increase your Jewel crafting skill and Outfitting Station level to craft higher tier jewelry with better gear score.

What are Horns in New World and their Effects?

Horns are uncommon special resources in New World that can be obtained by defeating dungeon enemies, mini-bosses, bosses, or through supply crates scattered across the Aeturnum. 

There are three types of Horns in the New World: Horn, Jagged Horn, and Pristine Horn. Each of these offers different stamina-related perks and can only be used with a specific type of jewelry item. 

Horn TypeSupported GearPerkEffects
HornRingsHeartyPlayers have 5 – 9.5% Max Stamina.
Jagged HornWeaponsMortal EnergyWhen players kill something, they gain 5 – 14 Stamina. (5s cooldown.)
Pristine HornAmuletStamina RecoveryWhen players are hit while below 50% gain 50-95 stamina (30s-57s cooldown.) Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.

Note: All the stamina perks scale with Gear Score. Better the Gear Score, higher the effect of the perk.

Get More Stamina in New World- Increase/Regenerate Stamina Faster!
Horn in New World
Get More Stamina in New World- Increase/Regenerate Stamina Faster!
Jagged Horn
Get More Stamina in New World- Increase/Regenerate Stamina Faster!
Pristine Horn

Using Weapon Skills to Gain Stamina or Reduce Consumption

Players can also increase their stamina or reduce their consumption during combat by using specific passive skills of a weapon in New World. All the weapons have several passive skills that grant players various bonus effects, including stamina enhancing.

All you have to do is opt for the below-mentioned passive skills for the given weapon, and you will receive the respective stamina effects in your plays. 

WeaponSkill TreeSkill and Effect
Great AxeMaulerMauler’s Resolve- If you get hit while holding a Great Axe and below 50% health: Gain 40 stamina. (20s Cooldown.)
Ice GauntletBuilderBlocking Stamina- Blocking with Ice Gauntlet will convert mana to stamina on hit. Ratio: 3 mana gives 15 stamina.
Sword and ShieldDefenderInvigorating Bulwark- Grants 15 stamina on hit of Shield Rush or Shield Bash.
War HammerCrowd CrusherI Can Do This All Day- Reduce Stamina consumption by -30% when Blocking Melee Attacks.
HatchetThrowingRejuvenating Crits- Must have 1 point in Critical Throw. Successful Critical Hits with Light Attacks or Aimed Throws regenerates 10 Stamina.
Boot and Rally- Light Attacks and Aimed Throws regenerate 10 stamina when hitting targets with an active debuff. Adrenaline Rush- Dodging within 2 seconds of triggering an ability consumes 25% less Stamina.
MusketTrapperEnergy Burst- Attacking a target with an active debuff restores 5 stamina.
BowSkirmisherHunter’s Insight- Hitting a foe with a debuff grants 5 stamina.
SpearZonerEvasive Maneuvers- Dodging backwards consumes 20% less stamina for 2 seconds after successful hits. Invigorating Crits- Restore 20 stamina on critical hits. Strong Conditioning- +30% stamina regen when your stamina is below 50%.

The Hatchet and Spear are among the best weapons to use if you prefer more stamina-oriented gameplay and build. They provide more passive skills for stamina regeneration and less consumption than any other weapon in the game.

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