AC: Valhalla – Making the Best Decisions in The Siege of Paris

AC: Valhalla’s DLC – The Siege of Paris – is undoubtedly the best this game has ever been. With a new map, new collectibles, and a brand-new storyline, it’s certainly something that any fan should not miss out on.

The storyline, in particular, is not just a run of the mill, kind-of Assassin’s Creed plot that many were expecting it to be. Now, sure, it still involves being a Viking and doing all the Viking stuff, but the story will make you care about the stage, the characters that play a part in it and keep you hooked until the very end.

It’s actually so good that even the choices presented throughout will make you think twice before you take any step, which may prove to be something of a speed breaker for many players. Do you feel stuck with the seemingly important choices presented to you throughout this DLC? Well, fret not – let me help you out with it. 

So, there are five main choice-based dialogues presented to you throughout this DLC. These are – handing over bernard to Charles, two choices involving Sigfred, promising to kill the king, and killing or sparing him in the end. The decisions, however, will not affect the ending whatsoever.

Of course, as I’ve mentioned just now, all the choices you make throughout this DLC won’t affect the ending much. It essentially comes down to your moral compass and what you think Eivor would do when faced with the same decisions.

Of course, let’s save all that for later and get down to the choices you face throughout AC: Valhalla’s ‘The Siege of Paris’ DLC.

What are the important choices in AC: Valhalla’s ‘The Siege of Paris’?

So, before we go any further, let me take a hot minute to summarize the choices you face in this DLC:

  • Should Sigfred take the money or not?
    (Take the King’s Money/Charles Cannot Be Trusted/You Lead This Army.)
  • Should Eivor hand over Bernard to Charles?
    (You May Have the Boy/I Will Not Hand Over the Boy.)
  • What should you say to Sigfred?
    (This is No Way to Find Peace/Fine, I Will Kill You)
  • Should you promise to kill Charles?

(I Will Kill Charles/I Promise Nothing)

  • Should you kill or spare Charles the Fat?
    (A bit tricky, this one)

If you’re someone who has just started playing through the DLC, there’s a high chance you’re feeling confused right now. Don’t worry though, everything will become clear in a minute.

With that said, though, let’s break down these choices, one by one.

I. Should Sigfred take the king’s money or not?

Options – Take the King’s Money/Charles Cannot Be Trusted/You Lead This Army

To get to this, you’ll first find yourself amidst an ongoing negotiation between Sigfred and Charles. To make the truce a success, Charles will offer a ton of silver to Sigfred. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether or not Sigfred should take the money or not.

Note: None of the choices made here will bring forth a different outcome. Either way, Sigfred will take the money, leaving Odo outraged.

AC: Valhalla – Making the Best Decisions in The Siege of Paris
Should Sigfred take the King’s Money or Not

II. Should you give Bernard to Charles the Fat?

Options – You May Have the Boy/I Will Not Hand Over the Boy

After Charles has had his fight with Count Odo, he will ask you to return Bernard, his son, to him. Once again, whatever you choose to do here will not affect the outcome whatsoever – Charles would still be reunited with Bernard, much against Queen Richardis’ wishes. The main thing to take away from here is that the negotiations are not going to be carried out properly one way or the other.

AC: Valhalla – Making the Best Decisions in The Siege of Paris
Should you Give Bernard to Charles the Fat

III. Should you kill Sigfred or negotiate with him?

Options – This is No Way to Find Peace/Fine, I Will Kill You

When you speak with Sigfred later on in the story, he will challenge you to a Holmgang. Here, you can choose to either kill him or spare him. Should you choose to spare him, you’ll be able to persuade him into leaving. In this case, he will hand over the clan to Toka and take his leave for newer lands.

AC: Valhalla – Making the Best Decisions in The Siege of Paris
Should you Kill Sigfred or Negotiate with Him

IV. Should you promise to kill Charles?

Options – I Will Kill Charles/I Promise Nothing

When talking to Oda, he might ask of Eivor to finish Charles the Fat for good. His main reason for doing so is to clear himself a path to power and bring about peace. 

However, no matter what you choose here, you will still have to fight Charles and you would still have the option of saving him, making this choice-based dialogue somewhat useless in the grand scheme of things.

V. Should you spare Charles or not?

Regardless of your choices throughout the course of this DLC, you’ll still have to fight Charles. Now, fighting and killing Charles is simple enough – you have to push him into the brazier and essentially, straight-up burn him to death. When fighting him, you can also use fire arrows to inflict more damage to him.

AC: Valhalla – Making the Best Decisions in The Siege of Paris
Fighting and Killing Charles

That being said, killing Charles is actually regarded as something of a bad ending in the game, so if that’s not what you want, then it’s time to try and save our guy.

If you wish to save Charles, your first step would be to bring his HP down to half or lower. Then, head over to the sealed closing gate and look for a lever. Once you open it, it will reveal a large room with a picture of Richardis in it.

Once you’re in, Charles will angrily follow you into the room. Now, it’s your job to put him into a stunned state, move out of the door as quickly as you can, and close the gate once more. Charles will be considered as spared once you successfully close the door shut.

AC: Valhalla – Making the Best Decisions in The Siege of Paris
Close the Door Shut to Spare Charles

What is the best ending for The Siege of Paris in AC: Valhalla? 

With that, you’re finally done with the quest and your choices. At the end of the fight, you’ll be greeted by Richardis who will react differently to whatever outcome you were able to achieve. Either way, the game considers the situation where you’re able to save Charles, with Odo declaring an alliance of sorts between Toka’s clan and Paris as the good ending, so make that of what you will.

Lastly, you may have realized it already, but much of the choices won’t affect the story at large, with the only exception being whether or not you save Charles – so, you can freely choose whatever you want until the last fight. At that point, though, you’ll have to decide what Eivor would’ve done and act accordingly – and that’s all the choices you make in this storyline.

That’s all from my side, though. Now, it’s time for you to go and have fun playing through this DLC.

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