Obtaining the Dragon Knight Armor – Packs & Armor Guide – Ac Valhalla 

With the recent title update, patch 1.4.2, Ubisoft unveiled a few changes for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Along with the acknowledgment of a few missing HD textures, the developers introduced new Ubisoft store items. The latest store items rolled out with patch 1.4.2 include the Lunar New Year pack, Moonlight Weapons pack, and the Dragon Knight pack. 

All the packs mentioned above are loaded with visually appealing gears, but one pack seems to have caught the attention of gamers more than the others – the Dragon Knight pack.  

Moreover, according to the plot of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the constituents of the Dragon Knight pack are the last remaining sets of dragon gear in the game. In addition, the pack contains two gear sets, two weapons, a mount, and a raven skin.  

You can get the Dragon Knight armor pack in AC Valhalla by heading to the in-game store, purchasing 2,000 Helix Credits with real-world currency, and using it to buy the given pack from the same store. Alternatively, you can obtain the Dragon Knight armor by installing an inventory editor and executing its hash codes.  

Here’s how you can get the Dragon Knight armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.  

Method #1 – Buying from the In-Game Store 

Helix Credits are the in-game currency of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, which can be used to buy various in-game items. There are a couple of ways to purchase Helix Credits.  

I. Approach #1 

Obtaining the Dragon Knight Armor – Packs & Armor Guide – Ac Valhalla
AC Valhalla Page on Ubisoft Store

Head to the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla page on the Ubisoft store. Below the “Download” option, you’ll find the “Choose Platform” option. Choose “PC.” 

Subsequently, move further below to the “Choose DLC” option. Under this section, you’ll find many Helix Credit packages constituting different amounts of currency. The various Helix Credit Packages are listed below. 

Select the pack that suits your requirements, add it to the cart of your Ubisoft account and make the necessary payment. 

II. Approach #2 

Obtaining the Dragon Knight Armor – Packs & Armor Guide – Ac Valhalla
In-Game Store in AC Valhalla

On the other hand, you avoid the hassle of purchasing Helix Credits from the Ubisoft store by buying them from the in-game store instead.  

Launch AC Valhalla and head to the main menu. Then, click on the “Store” button. This will take you to a page where you can purchase Helix Credits and other items, such as add-ons, packs, characters, and weapons.  

Once you’ve purchased Helix Credits via one of the above-mentioned approaches, follow the same steps as given under Approach #2 and land on the in-game store in AC Valhalla. Next, scroll through and find the option to purchase the Dragon Knight armor pack.  

Another page will appear, containing all the purchasable items in the Dragon Knight armor pack. Select the armor components you want to buy and click on the “Buy” option.  

Lastly, you can find the Dragon Knight armor pack you purchased in the “Inventory.” 

Method #2 – Installing an Inventory Editor 

Obtaining the Dragon Knight Armor – Packs & Armor Guide – Ac Valhalla
AC Valhalla Inventory Editor

You can get the Dragon Knight armor pack in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by installing an inventory editor. Upon successfully installing the inventory editor, aka Cheat Engine Table, insert the hash codes of the items you require and run the game. 

After installing one of many inventory editors available on the internet, follow the given steps. 

  1. Launch the Cheat Engine Table on Notepad++ to run it on Uplay+ 
  2. Rename “ACValhalla.exe” as “ACValhallaPlus.exe” 
  3. Next, click on “Items + Inventory,” go to “+ Get Item,” and look for “+ Bulk Inventory Obtain Item (packs, quests, materials).” 
  4. Double-click on the necessary script for inscription, such as “+ Get Dragon Knight Pack,” to launch the script editor. 
  5. Head to “pIIDList: – 512 slots max” and insert the codes mentioned below 
  6. Click on “OK,” launch AC Valhalla and check your inventory 

The hash codes you must add to the script editor to get the Dragon Knight armor pack are the following. 

  • Dragon Knight Bracers (Blood) – 000001ECAB3B18EC 
  • Dragon Knight Hood (Blood) – 000001ECAB3B1929 
  • Dragon Knight Helmet (Blood) – 000001ECAB3B1966 
  • Dragon Knight Pants (Blood) – 000001ECAB3B19A3 
  • Dragon Knight Armor (Blood) – 000001ECAB3B19E0 
  • Dragon Knight Bracers (Shining) – 000001ECAB3B1A28 
  • Dragon Knight Hood (Shining) – 000001ECAB3B1A65 
  • Dragon Knight Helmet (Shining) – 000001ECAB3B1AA2 
  • Dragon Knight Pants (Shining) – 000001ECAB3B1ADF 
  • Dragon Knight Armor (Shining) – 000001ECAB3B1B1C 
  • Scale Carver – 000001ECAB3B1CE5 
  • Wyrm Cutter – 000001ECAB3B1D36 
  • Dragon Knight Tailpiece – 000001ECAB3B1D87 
  • Dragon Knight Shields – 000001ECAB3B1D8D 
  • Dragon Knight Sail – 000001ECAB3B1D93 
  • Dragon Knight Hull – 000001ECAB3B1D99 
  • Dragon Knight Figurehead – 000001ECAB3B1D9F 
  • Drakeling – 000001ECAB3B1DFF 
  • Firedrake – 000001ECAB3B1E17 
  • Dragon Knight Tattoo (Left Arm) – 000001EE150393A1 
  • Dragon Knight Tattoo (Right Arm) – 000001EE150393A9 
  • Dragon Knight Tattoo (Back) – 000001EE150393B1 
  • Dragon Knight Tattoo (Head) – 000001EE150393B9 
  • Dragon Knight Tattoo (Front) – 000001EE150393C1 

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the twelfth instalment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise developed and published by Ubisoft. It follows the story of a Norwegian Viking, Eivor Varinsdottir, who longs for all the riches and resources available in England. However, when he meets resistance from the Saxons, especially king Aelfred of Wessex, he must carry out what’s necessary to achieve Valhalla in the afterlife.


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