Comprehensive Guide to Get Pure Quartz in Palworld – Where to Find It?

Pure Quartz is a shiny resource that can be used as a raw material to craft late-game items, upgrade your machines or complete specific objectives in Palworld. However, finding Pure Quartz out in the wild may not be as easy as it seems unless you know where to look.

The description for Pure Quartz states “Pure Quartz is often found in snowy fields and similar places” which makes it pretty clear that you’ll have to explore the snowy mountains to get this resource.

1. How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld?

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld? Detailed Guide
Pure Quartz Crystals

Pure Quartz can be obtained by mining them with a pickaxe or with the help of Pals in Palworld. This resource is available in the form of a black crystal containing jagged spikes. The best way to farm it is by placing a Palbox next to it and assigning Pals with mining skills to endlessly farm it.

Since Pure Quartz is found in the snowy tundra area in the northern of the world, you’ll need some cold resistance gear or a fire-type Pal to keep yourself warm in this snow biome as temperatures can be extremely low here.

2. Where to find Pure Quartz in Palworld?

Pure Quartz can be found in the Astral Mountains on the northern island of Palworld. Here are the top four best farming spots where players can build Bases to obtain the maximum amount of Pure Quartz:

I. Unthawable Lake (-199, 249)

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld? Detailed Guide
Unthawable Lake Location

Located near the Fast-Travel point for the Unthawable Lake, this area contains 9 Pure Quartz Crystals along with 1 Ore Deposit. Here you can set up a Base, preferably one with walls so that your Pals don’t fall off the cliffs.

II. PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance (-134, 575)

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld? Detailed Guide
PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance Location

This location can be found north of the Fast-Travel point called the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance. You can find 9 Pure Quartz Crystals here as well, making it a good area to set up a Base.

III. Land of Absolute Zero (-134, 575)

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld? Detailed Guide
Land of Absolute Zero Location

Located to the south of the Land of the Absolute Zero Fast-Travel point, this area contains 8 Pure Quartz Crystals and 2 Ore Deposits. Make sure to set up a strong Base to avoid wild and hostile Pals here.

IV. Pristine Snow Field (-420, 461)

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld? Detailed Guide
Pristine Snow Field Location

Found northwest of the Pristine Snow Field Fast-Travel point, this location contains 6 Pure Quartz Crystals. While the amount of Pure Quartz Crystals is comparatively lower than in the previous areas, it’s still a good place to set up shop since enemies rarely spawn here.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Pure Quartz in Palworld. If you’re looking for the best place to set up Base, we’ve got just the guide for you below:

3. About Palworld

Palworld is an action-adventure, survival, and monster-taming game created and published by Japanese developer Pocket Pair. The game is set in an open world populated with animal-like creatures called “Pals”, which players can battle and capture to use for base building, traversal, and combat. Palworld can be played either solo or online with up to 32 players on one server. It was announced in 2021 and launched through early access for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in January 2024.

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