How to obtain Obsidian Resonance? What is it used for? Last Epoch Guide

Resonance in the Last Epoch are special items that allow players to trade or gift certain items to friends. This allows players to gift items they found in the game with their friends to others, even if they weren’t there when the item dropped. Obsidian Resonance is the rarest one, and it’s very hard to find.

It’s so rare that you may not have even seen it while playing. But it’s something that you’ll need if you simply want to show appreciation to other players using gifts. So without further ado, let’s jump into how you can get your hands on this item.

1. How to get Obsidian Resonance in Last Epoch?

How to get Obsidian Resonance in Last Epoch? Easy Guide
Obsidian Resonance — Last Epoch | Source: Maxroll

Obsidian Resonance can be obtained by playing with a friend online in Last Epoch, and the more players play the game with their friends, the higher the chance they have of earning this item. But since it’s a rare item, the drop rates are extremely low.

Killing and looting enemies also increases your chances of getting them but the type of enemy doesn’t matter, as killing higher-level enemies does not guarantee better drops. You just need to make sure that whatever you’re doing in the game, you’re doing it with a friend.

An important thing you should remember is that Resonance is tied to gifting a single individual, which means that it’ll reset from player to player. So ensure that you’re grinding with one specific player until their Resonance drops, and then you can move on to others.

2. What is Obsidian Resonance used for in Last Epoch?

Obsidian Resonance is used to gift Exalted and Legendary items to other players, which is why they’re much harder and rarer to find unlike Golden Resonance, which is much more common.

Here’s how you can gift an item to another player using Resonance:

  1. Press “I” to open Inventory
  2. Click the “Gift” button under your character’s profile
  3. Drag the item that you want to gift into the empty slot
  4. Select the kind of Resonance you want to use (Golden or Obsidian) based on the rarity of the item that you’re gifting
  5. After that, the Resonance will be consumed and the item will be sent to the desired player

Another thing you must ensure is that the player you’re gifting it to is in the same faction as the item’s faction tag and that they meet the level requirements to use it. Resonance is consumed with each gift you send, so choose accordingly who and what you want to gift based on rarity and Resonance type.

That’s everything you need to know about Obsidian Resonance. Now, all you need to do is keep playing the game until you get it, and if not, then keep on grinding since drop rates are really not favorable for this one, unfortunately.

3. About Last Epoch

Last Epoch is a hack and slash action role-playing game developed by Eleventh Hour Games (EHG). The game is set in the world of Eterra across several timelines. It was released on February 21, 2024 for PC.

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